Happy New Year!

Once upon a time, I started a blog and loved updating it.  It was a great way to keep our family updated on our lives and also a way for me to document things to look back on.  That was before we had Xander, once he came along I started slacking and using every nap time as a time to nap myself, or do five hundred other things.  No, I didn’t use nap times for cleaning, at least not often enough to use that as an excuse for why I didn’t blog more!

So, as a New Year’s Resolution I decided to jump back into it; the goal being no less than two posts a week.  Now is a more important time than ever because not only are we having a baby boy in a few months, but we also have a HUGE cross-country move coming up!  We’re moving from the San Diego area all the way to Key West!!  Basically we’re going from one beautiful beach to another, and we are SO excited that out of all the places we could end up the good old Marine Corps chose to send us to Florida!!  With all the stops we’ll be taking along the way we’ll be spending 70+ hours in the car, and making about 10 stops in order to see ALL of our family before we get to our new home!

Instead of going back to my old blog, I decided to start fresh because WordPress is more “iPhone friendly” and with this move it seems like being able to blog from my phone will be a much-needed feature.  No, the pictures won’t be as good when I’m updating from the phone, but in order to make my resolution more attainable, I figured I should set myself up for as much success as possible with all the crazy we’re about to experience!

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