In preparation for the Crazy Cross-Country Road Trip we’re planning on taking, I decided to make a series of activities for Xander to do in the car.  All of the activities need to be self-contained as much as possible and the ability for him to learn from them is a nice feature also.


X loves it!


All the lids painted and letters written on them.

One of the activities I dreamed up (I’ll be honest, I probably saw it on Pinterest months ago, but I can’t remember) is an ABC Can.  I kept all of the baby food jars and lids in a bag under the sink and freecycled them every so often, but the current bag has been sitting there for about 6 months untouched because he eats (for the most part) what we eat now.  So I took 36 lids (one for each letter and numbers 0-9) and spray painted them bright blue, using leftover paint from his water table! Then I went and wrote every letter and number (0-9) onto the lids with a silver/gold sharpie, left over from making saltdough Christmas ornaments with friends last month.

Right now we’re using an old shoe box to put them in, but I’m planning on using a small coffee can or something similar so they’ll make a “dink” noise as he puts them in.  Annoying for us but I think it will keep him occupied longer. :)


Edit: We got a small coffee can over the weekend and emptied it into the canister so that I could finish the can.  Here’s what it looks like finished.  There isn’t quite enough room for the numbers and letters, but I don’t see that as a problem.  :)


Here it is finished. I’d call it a success since he played with it all morning before his nap!

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