Weekend Roundup

The last few days have been nice and pretty quiet also! Thursday we went to Paul’s unit’s After Holiday Party. (It was a potluck–I brought banana pudding and it was gone immediately.) Xander got to play with Dasia and of course we spent a great part of the afternoon pushing him in the swing, which is of course his favorite thing to do.


Happy as a clam in the swing.

Playing in the dirt with Dasia.

Friday we didn’t do a thing–with the exception of pick up the house and play hard. Saturday I woke up sick, and it was my birthday so that just made it worse. But, the boys took me out for breakfast and I was able to go get my hair trimmed and a pedicure & massage. Plus they took me out to eat for dinner too! Talk about a spoiled girl!


Drawing pictures.

Paul is back at work today, and I finished up the ABC can this morning so Xander has been busy playing with that.  We put the radio on and in between playing we’ve had several dance parties.  Also, since the Christmas tree is put away we have room for his little desk to go back to it’s normal “spot” so he’s spent a lot of time “drawing” pictures.  They’re all scribbles but still it’s nice that he can entertain himself for a few minutes with the pencil and paper so I can pick up the messes.  Later we’re going to go see our sign teacher and pick up a few DVDs for the future road trip.


Note the face! He’s having to really concentrate since the hole is smaller than the one in the box was.

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