Tuesday Timeout

While reading Cheri’s Soapbox Saturday post I was inspired to do something similar, not so much in honor of Aleida, but more to have photos for Xander.  We have LOTS of photos (taken by me so they’re not all great) of him with Paul, but since Paul has been home and I’ve quit getting photos “done” by friends there aren’t as many of just the two of us.  So my challenge for myself, inspired by Cheri at I Am Momma and Aleida, is to take “time out” of my day to post at least one photo of X and myself every Tuesday.  I picked Tuesday simply because that’s the day this pregnancy “changes” so it’ll be a nice way to update on the belly bump also.

Speaking of belly bump, I’ve been taking weekly photos, just like I did with Xanderman.  Here’s weeks 13-18:

13weeksa 14weeksa 15weeksa 16weeksa 17weeksa 18weeksa

I’ll still be taking weekly photos of just me and the bump, but I also plan on making sure I take pictures of me and Xander throughout the week.  Tuesday will just be the day that those all get posted.  I’m starting to plan out what days I’ll be posting what/what days I’ll even be posting in order to get myself into a routine.  I figure that will make it easier for me once we really begin this move.

So here goes, our Tuesday Timeout photos of the week:


I snapped this one while I was running his bath water last night.

And this one I took just a few minutes ago!

And this one I took just a few minutes ago! No he doesn’t have anything but a diaper on, and yes that is a toy screwdriver. Gotta love boys!

Since I know I’ll be doing this every week maybe that will give me more incentive to take them more often, and give me a creative boost. Good thing Santa brought me a tripod along with my camera. :)


Oh, and here I am 19 weeks prego, feeling pretty bloated!

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