Eggs-citing Activity for Xander

Along with about 40-something other activities, the following is an activity I’ve set up for Xander during the longest road trip of our lives. Best part, he’s been playing with it for the last 45 minutes AND I was able to not only fold a basket of laundry, but I also got to go to the bathroom SOLO during the day time for the first time in months.  It’s definitely a winner and it cost me NOTHING.  Even if you had to buy all the parts you’d only have to spend $3! And that includes a container for it!

Emptying the container out.

Emptying the container out.

So, you’ll need:


Pompoms (the craft kind, not the cheerleading kind!)
Easter eggs (I bought a bunch after Easter last year at Target for 90% off, but I was in the dollar store today and they have them for 8/$1)
A container to keep them in

That’s it!

Opening and closing the eggs.

Opening and closing the eggs.

I put some of the pompoms in the eggs while he was taking a nap and gave them to him once he woke up.  He’s been busy opening and closing the eggs, emptying the pompoms out, putting them back in, closing the eggs and shaking them.  We’ve talked about colors and counted the pompoms. Okay, I’ve counted and talked about colors! Regardless, it’s a cheap and easy way to keep your little one entertained.  It’s certainly kept Xander entertained today!

I also plan on swapping our the pompoms for raisins and other not so messy foods while we’re driving to make snack time a little more interactive. Are raisins as big a hit in your house as they are in ours?


3 thoughts on “Eggs-citing Activity for Xander

  1. marialice

    Such a cute idea, wonder how it would entertain a 4 year old. Ha.
    I’m with Paul I love sour dough bread. I may try it.

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  3. Knitting with Olof

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and reading my birth story.

    What fun for your LO! We are all home this weekend because my oldest is ill with the flu. Booo! Hope you are all healthy and happy!


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