It’s still a boy!!

We didn’t do a whole lot over the weekend.  A little shopping here and there, cleaning, recycled a pile of electronics and then of course Paul went on a ten mile run in preparation for his half marathon this weekend.  Other than that we were lame. :)

Today Xander and I had a busy morning cooking breakfast and playing and then he took a nap, I got ready, and once he woke up we headed to pick up Paul and go to our ultrasound appointment.  Baby #2 is still a boy! And he’s definitely ALL boy!  He wasn’t shy about showing off his boy parts, but would NOT let the ultrasound tech get a good view of his umbilical cord.  When she finally DID get the view he was holding onto it and waving a peace sign!!  Don’t believe me? Ask Paul!  I couldn’t make that up! Haha!

side profile

Here’s his side profile, and because I know my Gran will look at this and not know what it is, his head is pretty centered, and his arm is up by his face.  He’s facing up in the sonogram, so it’s almost like he’s sucking his thumb–which he did for the majority of the ultrasound appointment.

Other than her having issues getting a few of the pictures that she needed it was a pretty uneventful ultrasound.  He wasn’t nearly as mobile as he was when we did the Early Gender Screening last month, which was aggravating for the tech but kind of nice for me because he’s been so wild in there lately.  Also, I didn’t get sick the entire time, which was REALLY nice for me!  Haha!  Tomorrow I’ll be twenty weeks, which was when the morning sickness subsided with Xander.  This baby teased me and it was fading, but over the weekend it came back full force.  Today has been good though, so maybe it’ll just disappear tomorrow! :)

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