Tuesday Timeout: I love boys!

Growing up I was a girly girl, maybe not always on the outside, but definitely on the inside.  My cousins always wanted to catch snakes and I always tried to talk them out of it–which never worked.  I didn’t like baiting my hook when we went fishing, or even taking the fish off of the hook once I caught one.  I hated playing softball during the summer, I only played basketball during 8th grade because every single girl in my school did.  (It was a VERY small school!) And any other time there was exercise I tried to find a way to ditch.  (In high school I got my athletic credit from show choir!  All this being said, when we first got pregnant with Xander I wanted a boy!  But once we found out he was a boy I immediately had a panic attack because I am NOT good at “boy stuff.”  Luckily, Xander doesn’t mind cooking and baking and having dance parties with Mommy, actually he loves these things.

High five--he learned how to use the screw driver!

High five–he learned how to use the screw driver!

Last night Paul reminded me that I’m still no good at “boy stuff” as Xander an I were playing with his cars, but I am getting better.  Just in case you’re wondering, it’s apparently way more fun to make the cars crash than it is to just drive them around making car noises.  Paul showed me this and it is true.  Haha!


So, while I still am not the best at boy stuff, I am learning.  And I was beyond excited to find out that we are having another little boy when we did the gender screening last month, because even if I’m not good at “boy stuff” I still make a pretty darn good “mom to boys.” :)


And here is the 20 week belly bump!  I’m HALFWAY through the pregnancy, statistically anyways!

20 weeksI’m still a little smaller than I was with Xander, but I’m expecting to explode in another week or two.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Timeout: I love boys!

  1. Dvora Koelling

    Well, I wasn’t a girly girl, per se (I enjoyed climbing trees and throwing a ball around as much as I loved my barbies and dressing up like a princess), but I definitely shared your feelings of panic about having a boy, when I found out my baby’s gender. I grew up in a household with two sisters, so having a little boy seemed like such unfamiliar territory. I’m still a little nervous about being a mama to a boy, but I know I will learn a lot along the way, and that my husband will show me how I can improve my skills (just as your husband did for you). I’ve made a mental note about car crashing being fun. :)
    Great post!

    1. tashaarmijo Post author

      I was definitely the girly girl; played with barbies until I was 12 and my favorite color is STILL pink. HAHA! Thank goodness for husbands and their ability to teach us how to do “boy stuff!”
      Thanks for reading!


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