Art for Xander’s Room

Before we move, I plan on taking a few pictures of Xander’s nursery.  I absolutely love it, and it’s my favorite thing about our condo.  Probably because it was the first room we “finished,” although he’ll be 18 months old soon and it still isn’t where I want it!!

Anyway, last night after we got him to bed Paul sat down to play Halo so I decided I was going to work on the painting I had bought canvas for months ago. (It was inspired by the giraffe picture in this nursery!)  So, I scoured the internet looking for pictures of giraffes, went into picmonkey to edit them and then printed them out.  (I used them as templates for the giraffe heads!) I then free-handed the necks, and finally started painting.


After a while Paul decided this would be good “Husband/Wife Craft Time” as he called it, so he helped paint the brown giraffe on the end, and of course took pics for me. I of course got no proof of this, so you’ll just have to take my word that it DID happen!


I let it dry overnight and hung it first thing this morning.  Glad I already had everything ready to go, because Xander woke up with a 101 degree fever, and I’ve been busy with him ever since.  He has wanted to cuddle and be in my lap ever since he woke up, with the exception of breakfast and the photo I got him to “model” for below!  Having a photogenic kid definitely has it’s pro’s!

Here's Sicky Pants rocking on his Zebra.  I think the giraffes look pretty good.

Here’s Sicky Pants rocking on his Zebra. I think the giraffes look pretty good.  They definitely go with everything else!

So, since he’s a Sicky Pants today, we’ll be spending our day watching Signing Time and cuddling on the couch!  So thankful that his Nana got him the rest of the Signing Time collection, because we’ll probably watch every single episode before Dad gets home tonight at the rate we’re going. I keep telling myself days like this don’t happen often, so it’ll be okay for us to have a TV overload!

One thought on “Art for Xander’s Room

  1. Gran

    I continue to love this blog.

    I hate to tell you, but your description of the boy parts in the ultrasound did NOT help any in making it look like anything except the photos they get when flying over one of those massive hurricanes.

    I can testify that you were and are a girly girl, but so was your Budgie and I suspect that girly girls make the best kind of Mommies for both little boys and girls. It certainly seems so in our family.

    All your posts are fun to read and I hope you continue to keep up the posting. It lets me have a vicarious way to share your life! Love, Gran


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