The first leg of our “trial trip”

Paul is running in a half marathon tomorrow with his dad. (Go husband!!) So, we made the drive to Phoenix (it’s about 6 hours) and are spending time with family before the big race. I packed 4 of the “road trip activity bags” to try out on the trip and it couldn’t have worked out better. Xander usually has several freak outs in the car lasting about 30 minutes to an hour each, but we only had one major melt down and it was around bed time. (He only slept for 30 minutes tops so I can’t say he was so good and it be because he was sleeping!!)

Since we’ve been here he’s been less than angelic.. But I can’t blame him, we got here well past his bed time and then he woke up at midnight screaming for a solid hour–yes he woke everyone else up too! And then he did the same thing last night. I can’t decide if he is still sick, or if he’s teething, or if its just him being in a new place. I’m hoping whatever the deal is that it stops soon, because rocking a screaming baby for an hour is no fun for this momma, and I know it’s no fun for him either.

He is LOVING all the attention from his Grandma and Grandpa though!  And I’m loving that he’s letting others hold him! He’s been going through a pretty rough case of “The Mommies” lately so it’s nice to be able to share him. Haha! Even six months ago I didn’t want to share him–maybe this means he’s growing up, or I’m just extra tired thanks to baby #2!

I’ll have to upload a bunch of pictures once we get home!  I’m definitely enjoying my new camera this trip! :)


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