Tuesday Timeout: Enjoying the little things

First things first, we had a great time in Phoenix visiting family and Paul did amazing at his half-marathon too!  In September he finished the Heartbreak Ridge half-marathon in a little over 2 hours.  He finished the Phoenix half in 1 hour and 49 minutes!  Basically he cut off 11 minutes! I think he’s amazing, especially since he’s either been sick or working for the last month and hasn’t trained for this at all!

Playing with his Aunt Ivy.  He loves her!

Playing with his Aunt Ivy. He loves her!

Anyway, we headed back home a little early yesterday because I had a photography class last night.  The instructor brought up the whole point of Tuesday Timeout during the class: our kids WANT pictures of us.  And taking that extra five seconds to snap a picture of Xander and I–even when I’m not looking so hot–is more than worth it.  When they’re as little as he is, he isn’t going to remember all the things we do.  It’s important, to me anyways, that he has photos to look back on some day and think, “Oh man, my mom was so cool!” Even though he’ll probably look back and think something more along the lines of how weird I was, but hey, the best laid plans…

Perfect little photo op.  Thanks to Paul for setting it up for me. :)

Perfect little photo op. Thanks to Paul for setting it up for me. :)

Yesterday on the way home he did really well.  He never got on his schedule while we were in Phoenix, so he had some major issues napping in the car.  We had to stop at one point just to get him out of the car, and I think stopping every few hours might be the key to success when it comes to driving during the day.  We stopped at an outlet mall and let him play on the rides and then we just walked around for a little while.  After that he was our sweet boy until we were about 15 minutes from the house.  (But to be fair we made several stops before coming home, so I’m blaming those last 15 minutes on us!)

Riding the Pumbaa

Riding the Pumbaa

He had so much fun riding the Pumbaa pig, and was Mr. Cautious the entire time keeping his hands tight around the handle bars.  Made me laugh!  It’s little things like him riding rides and the smile on his face that basically says, “Look how big I am Momma!” that makes me really enjoy being his momma!  I can’t wait to see what comes next, but at the same time wish I had a button to push to slow it all down!

And here's the belly bump at 21 weeks!

And here’s the belly bump at 21 weeks!

Later this week I’ll post on the road trip activities and what I plan on modifying before we go on our Crazy Cross-Country Road-trip in a few weeks.  I really do think we’re a bit insane, especially since we’ll be another month into this pregnancy… It will be nice to see my family though, it’s been almost a year since I’ve seen my sisters and I miss them!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Timeout: Enjoying the little things

  1. Gran

    Thanks for the update and new photos.

    At some date when your ready you can claim the picture or two that Budgie and I have from your days playing at our house when you were little.

  2. Nana

    Congrats to Paul on the 1/2 marathon!! Won’t be long before he is running a full one:)
    It sounds like you are enjoying your Christmas present and maybe you can give me a few tips when you come through!
    Give X a big hug and kiss for me! Love you guys!!


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