Tuesday Timeout: Little Smiles and Sweet Things

In the last week, Xander has started throwing major fits anytime we’re in the car.  Who can really blame the kid after being in the car for 12 hours a little over a week ago on the way to Phoenix and back?  Then this morning when he was brushing his teeth Paul found that Xander’s little canines are starting to pop through, which explains a LOT of the crankiness we’ve been dealing with lately!

We had our going away party with our play group (Shout out to Barbara for organizing it!! We had a blast and THANK YOU!!) at Chuck E Cheese on Sunday.  There were a few times during the “party” where my little man did NOT feel like partying, all he wanted was to be held and cuddled.  Annoying at the time, but on the way home we were talking about how well the other kids are talking and how big they all are, and it hit me that Xander will not want to be held and cuddled for too much longer.  So I’m realizing that I need to soak all these cuddles up and try and enjoy it–even when my back hurts and all I want to do is catch up with my mommy friends!


I’m so blessed to be his mommy, even when he is cranky! So I’m trying to remind myself–often, that the fits and tantrums won’t last long and in the meantime I need to look for those little smiles and sweet things he does to get me through the bad times.  Especially since it won’t be long before I’m not the #1 in his life and I’m replaced by sports, iguana hunting, or even worse some girl! Haha!

Twenty-two weeks down!

And here’s the weekly bump picture.  Baby #2 can’t decide if I should be bloated or not.  Last week I was super bloated all day long–so I’m really not THAT big.  I feel like this week is a more accurate bump picture.  It’s hard to believe that even if I go past my due date I’m officially halfway through this pregnancy.  Even harder to realize we still haven’t picked out a name for the little guy.  And I have no clue what I want to decorate his room with.  With Xander both of these things were already set in stone–and I’d already purchased several things for his room.  Maybe we’ll get our acts together soon–or maybe he’ll just be “Baby Armijo” until we come up with something we can both agree on. 😉

One thought on “Tuesday Timeout: Little Smiles and Sweet Things

  1. Gran

    Take your time with the name. You really do not have to have one until you start to take the little bugger home after the delivery. The hospital staff will get really insistent for a name to put on the paper work before they let you leave and magically you will think of one.

    Regarding the cuddles, enjoy them now. They gradually go away as kids get older. They plan that so you hunger for the cuddles they withhold. They will gradually replace them with teen age temper tantrums. Then when you are about to pull their hair, send them to time out, etc. they dispense a cuddle so you forget what you had in mind. It is all carefully plotted, planned , and savored as they drive you to the point of parental insanity!

    Enjoying your blogging. Keep it up. Gran


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