A Valentine Craft


Xander LOVES painting.  Probably because I love painting, and kind of pushed it on him when he was about six months old!  In the past we’ve painted things for Paul, we’ve painted an entire book worth of pages for all the grandma’s for Mother’s Day, we’ve even painted a sign that hangs in his room!  So yesterday, while I was on Instagram I saw a picture of a friend’s two year old using toilet paper rolls as stamps with paint I knew we had a new project.


Needless to say it was a complete hit!  (Note the little lip biting, this is his “I’m concentrating hard” face!) I bent and taped the toilet paper rolls into a heart shape and we used them as a stamp.  Well, Xander used it as a stamp until he realized he could use it as a paint brush anyways!


I put freezer paper on my table as well as underneath it to save myself the trouble of having to clean up paint–it’s washable, but I still don’t want to have to clean it up!


I gave in and let him have an actual paint brush which made him pretty happy.  Of course, he painted his hands with it instead of the paper–but hey, you win some and you lose some.


His finished “masterpieces.” I think the white one is my favorite.  Either way it kept him busy for a solid hour while Paul worked on painting his room. I think I might print off a picture of him painting and give them out as Valentine’s this year.  We’ll be traveling on Valentine’s Day so that’s about all we’ll have time to do.

2 thoughts on “A Valentine Craft

  1. Gran

    Cute pictures and story. It brought back memories of little girls around our kid table table playing or having a picnic on the big rock outside. Keep on Blogging!

    1. tashaarmijo Post author

      We were at the table on what seems like an hourly basis now! And oh the picnics! Not only did we have picnics but we devised plans to make the boys listen to us… Not sure how often that really happened. 😉 Love you Gran!


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