Tuesday Timeout: Playing with cars before we’re in one!

This week is flying by!  Over the weekend I hosted a “Favorite Things Party” at The Melting Pot–I love that place and will have to post about it later–hopefully one of the other momma’s will share some pictures because I didn’t take a single one!  We also streamed the Super Bowl since we’ve already cut off our cable–what was with the lights turning off anyway?

This week I’ve been taking inventory of everything, doing all our laundry, and packing for the trip.  The movers are coming tomorrow and will be here all day Thursday and Friday also.  Then we’ll head out Saturday.  Xander and I are pretty much packed, Paul however hasn’t even started.  But who can blame him, he’s been busy painting and making sure that everything is getting taken care of.

Yesterday he did tell Xander that he understands why I have a hard time getting stuff done during the day–as he was emptying out the cabinet underneath the sink immediately after Paul had put everything underneath it.  HAHA!  I thought he was actually being pretty well behaved.


Today I’ve been letting Xander be a little wild and we haven’t been picking up toys immediately after he plays with them.  I figure today will probably be one of the last days that he gets to actually play since the movers will probably pack them up tomorrow.  He’s LOVING it.  And he’s also loving the car structure his grandpa got him for Christmas! We sat and played with it for about 30 minutes before I got my camera out, and then another 30 after I put it away!


It’s got two different ramps to put the cars down, but the ramp with the turn is by far the favorite.  He has finally figured out how to put the cars on it and then push the button to make them go down.  (It has a little lever that holds the car in place until the button is pushed.)

When I packed his things I packed a bunch of his little cars so once we get to whoever’s house we’re staying at he can play cars.  I don’t plan on letting him have them while we’re IN the car, so hopefully he thinks they’re still as cool as they are now by the end of this trip! Haha!

23 weeks

23 weeks

And of course here’s the weekly belly bump photo.  Honestly, I’m feeling pretty good about the belly bump.  In comparison to my pregnancy with Xander I feel like I’m smaller–not that I got huge with him, but still.  I did get my first stretch mark–at least I think it’s a stretch mark, haha.  It’s a horizontal line underneath my belly button!  Guess I’m going to be a momma tiger after all. :)


23 Weeks Pregnant.  Xander on the left, Baby #2 on the right.

23 Weeks Pregnant. Xander on the left, Baby #2 on the right.

So you tell me, am I crazy or am I about the same size as I was with X? Maybe even smaller? HAHA! A girl can dream right? :)

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Timeout: Playing with cars before we’re in one!

  1. Gran

    Budgie has been telling me it is time for your move and trip, but somehow it was still off toward the end of the month in my mind. This really is going to happen and NOW!

    We look forward to getting to see you guys again.

    1. tashaarmijo Post author

      Yep, we’re leaving on Saturday… We’ll be there at the begining of March! Can’t wait to see you!!!

    1. tashaarmijo Post author

      Cassi, I for real need to hire you to pay me compliments all the time!! I’m pretty sure they got the toy at Target, they gave me a gift receipt–but who would take it back? LOL! Xander loves it! Jax would too, and Jules would love pushing the buttons! :)


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