Pack it all up!

He loves his daddy :)

He loves his daddy :)

The movers came yesterday morning and they’re already finished packing up everything already! They won’t be back today, and are still picking up everything on Friday. We planned on just getting a hotel room for Friday night but decided to go ahead and get one tonight too.

I didn’t realize how tough this move would be on Xander. He is NOT happy with all the boxes and was scared for the first hour he was awake this morning. Our good friends Nicole and her son Nate are coming to play this morning so hopefully he’ll be better once they get here and we go outside.

Xander’s fear of the boxes isn’t the only thing happening that I didn’t expect… Yesterday morning Allie found a capsule of fish oil and ate it. So she now smells like a fish monger.. And wants to be in our laps non-stop but the smell is just too much.

Sure she's cute, but she is smelly now!

Sure she’s cute, but she is smelly now!

Then yesterday afternoon Paul was going to take Xander to the mailbox when he realized he had lost the mailbox key.  Apparently he took it off the key ring when he went to get the mail the night before and left it in whatever pants he was wearing. At that point they had already been packed away. Awesome. Called the post office to see what they could do and our only option was to unpack all the boxes with clothes or get a locksmith. We chose the locksmith because the movers were finishing up and they have to “seal” all of our boxes.

So right now I have a son scared of our house, a dog that despite getting groomed two days ago smells like fish, and a husband with good intentions but he had a horrible idea–why would you take a key off of the ring anyways?

They’ll be here to pack it all onto the truck tomorrow and although I don’t really want to leave all of our friends, I’m ready to just get the show on the road. The next month is going to be pretty interesting so I’m sure there will be plenty to keep everyone entertained.

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One thought on “Pack it all up!

  1. Gran

    Give your guys a break!!!

    Poor xander is having to get accustomed to the only world he knows being turned upside down and inside out. Nothing looks the same and it has all be replaced by something unknown–those boxes. Turn the boxes into a fort or hideout for him and things will get better.

    And poor Paul. He was just trying to avoid taking the key to Key West–a good thought. If you let him play in Xander’s fort , and stop talking about having to calling the locksmith, his day might be better too. If not, he might figure out how to log into this blog and share your not-for-the-blog secrets.

    Hope the move turns into the biggest and best adventure yet. Gran


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