Saying Goodbyes

Xander and his friend Nate playing chase.

Xander and his friend Nate playing chase.

Today pretty much ended all of our goodbye saying, and for that I’m thankful.  First, because I suck at it. Second, because I suck at it–oh wait.  Honestly, it’s just rough.  Even though I’ve only been here two years I’ve made really good true friends.

When I started going to play dates with other moms and babies Xander’s age I did it because we both needed out of the house and to socialize while Paul was deployed.  Here we are a little over a year later and the women I’ve met through his play group know what developmental milestones are like because we’re experiencing them together–the good and the bad!  In the last year our babies have gone from laying on blankets at Easter parties to fighting over who gets to play in the car and the ever popular running around in the grass playing chase.  Saying goodbye to my “mommy friends” was rough.  And I’m thankful that a few of them drug that out because it really did help me–and not just in the “entertaining Xander while I run around like a headless chicken” kind of way.

Today was a whole other kind of goodbye though.  We have truly been blessed to have amazing neighbors–the kind that take you to the emergency room and hold your screaming baby while your thumb gets sewn back together type.  Of course we have friends, but our neighbors across the street became nearly family to us.  Xander loves their boys, and in the mornings he would always hear their son’s car start up and walk over to the window and sign “up” so he could wave to him on his way to school.

We went by this afternoon and Xander of course was hungry–when is the child NOT hungry? haha!–and I kept trying to avoid having to leave, but eventually the time came.  (Much like how it’s been every other time I’ve said goodbye to our friends to tell the truth.) Luckily I had a cranky pants baby that needed all of my attention so I couldn’t feel sad as we were leaving, although I’m making up for it now-haha.  But besides that it went just about how every other goodbye so far has gone.  Tough.

Thankfully, we’re blessed to possibly have the option to come back here in three years if Paul stays in.  And who knows what the future holds?  Part of military life is packing up and going where they send you, and another part is making friends fast.  Thankfully we didn’t have to do the packing this time, and we’re both pretty good at making friends. We’ll just add this to our adventure list, and keep all our good friends on our Christmas card list.  :) We’re also extremely blessed to live in the age of technology–goodbyes would be so much more rough if I couldn’t check in on everyone via Facebook, or keep everyone updated on us by blogging!!

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