Good times in San Angelo

We have spent the last couple of days in San Angelo visiting Paul’s family and having an all out blast. After Xander went to bed last night we stayed up late playing Catch Phrase (both Paul and my first time!) And then today we’ve pretty much spent all day with family.

X and cousin Slayton playing T-Rex.

X and cousin Slayton playing T-Rex.

Tonight a bunch of the family came over for dinner and Xander got to play with his cousins. There were two older boys (4 and 6) that he absolutely LOVED. After his bath tonight I brought him back down to at the very least say goodnight to everyone and he ended up playing with the boys for an hour! They played with Slayton’s new T-Rex toy, and then played a weird combination of chase and train. Xander was so lovey and kept giving the boys hugs that we’re more like full on tackles but luckily they are 100% boys and took it like champs!


Playing “train chase” for lack of a better name. X laughed the entire time!

Im not sure who had the better time, Xander playing with the big kids, or me watching him interact with other kids and getting to listen to him laugh the entire time.  He seriously had the absolute best time! And he’s sleeping HARD right now, which is really nice :)


One of the tackle hugs.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Killeen and I’m a little bummed my mom won’t be there but I’m looking forward to spending time with Hunter and my grandparents for a few days and then after the memorial for Paul’s grandma spending a solid two days with my mom. Tuesday Timeout will probably be short and sweet tomorrow. :)

One thought on “Good times in San Angelo

  1. Karol Cain

    Loved having y’all here so excited for y’all love y’all so much X is such a great boy so honored to say that right they are my family..hmmmmmhmm love having y’all


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