Enjoying some Texas Sunshine

We’re on the road again today, going to the memorial for Paul’s grandma in Del Rio. We’ve enjoyed our time in Killeen, with the exception of a sick little boy. At first I thought he was getting a cold but I think it’s just a combination of teething and allergies. Last night he woke up in the middle of the night and I ended up putting him in bed with us after I got him back to sleep. This morning we realized he had a tooth come through over night and there’s another that’s extremely close to making its grand debut.

Despite teething and having a rough life (for an 18 month old!) he’s having a good time too. He LOVES his Auntie Hunter and will randomly leave my lap to go get in hers! (Talk about breaking my heart! Lol, I’m not quite ready for there to be other girls in his life if you can’t tell!) Regardless if I’m ready for not, I’m pretty sure he’d be okay with her as a babysitter–which all my friends know we don’t leave him often at all, so me saying that is a big deal. He really does love his youngest auntie, and I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual after the talk Hunter and I had this morning when I took her to school! He’s also been getting pretty spoiled by his Memaw and Pawpaw–they took him to Chuck E Cheese and got him a ton of toys that he’s enjoyed playing with between cuddles!


Yesterday I stripped him down to his diaper and let him paint outside in the sun. It was a total mess, but it cleaned easily and he was able to quit fussing for about an hour while he painted a masterpiece that only a parent could love. :)

I wish I would have gotten an “after” photo because he was a mess! We just put him in the bathtub and scrubbed him down. Note to my fellow moms: the cheap tempura paint does not wash off as easily as the Crayola Washable Finger-paint that I usually use–but there are a ton more colors and it was about half the price at Hobby Lobby!

I know I skipped Tuesday Timeout again–I’ll be sure to do it next week and include a belly picture from this week too! This traveling stuff has all my days mixed up, but the teething baby has made it even worse! Prayers that he feels better SOOON! Paul and I both need a couple good nights of sleep!

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  1. Nana

    And I love the masterpiece Xander made for me! It will be a great addition to my new office!! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!


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