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Happy Easter!

Dying Easter eggs on Friday.

Dying Easter eggs on Friday.

Easter has been a whole weekend for us.  We started by dying eggs on Friday and Xander is a complete natural of course!  His little hands got dyed nearly as bright as the eggs did, but they washed off in the bath, so all is good. :)

His pretty eggs.

His pretty eggs.

I was very impressed by his egg dying skills.  I wrote on a few of the eggs (the pink ones) and then the other stuff accidentally scratched off.  The yellowish egg is my favorite.  When he plopped it into the dye the shell broke leaving what looks like a flower to me.


Snuggling my little man on the beach.

We had planned on waking up around 5:45 but Xander’s personal alarm clock went off at 5 so we adjusted our plan.  :) This morning we went to the Sunrise Service on the beach–how blessed are we to live in Key West and have that as an option?!?! After the service two little girls were baptized in the ocean!! We went to the beach yesterday and the water–albeit warmer than the Pacific is still pretty chilly, and this morning at 8 AM would have been even more cold than yesterday in the heat of the day!  So blessed to have been able to witness their strong beliefs! After that we headed home with our very tired little boy and had breakfast.  Thankfully he got a good nap in the car, because he was getting pretty crabby!

"There's one!"

“There’s one!”

The Easter “bunny” had left his basket on the coffee table this morning filled with some new short outfits and eggs filled with stickers and animal crackers. He also got some bubbles, a bubble blowing gun, and two kites that we plan on taking him to the park and flying later today. Since we went to such an early church service this morning Xander didn’t know the Easter bunny had hidden eggs outside until after breakfast.

"Gotta get them all!"

“Gotta get them all!”

Dad showing him how the bubble gun works

Dad showing him how the bubble gun works

It didn’t take long before he was ready to have a go at it himself, and then Paul did it again and Xander chased all the bubbles.  If there is one thing that Xander loves, it’s bubbles! :) After the bubbles were all gone he sat and tried to empty the empty container into the little “dip pad” for the gun for quite a while before I had to take it away.  We’ll have to make up some bubble liquid later this week, because I’m pretty sure the bottle he got for Easter will be gone pretty soon after we open it up–which I’m sure will be later on today! :)


I love this little grin!

IMG_4043Hope you’re having a Happy Easter just like us! I know we’re feeling truly blessed!

Tuesday Timeout: Life in the fast lane

After being here nearly three weeks I can finally say we’re getting back to our “normal” everyday lifestyle.  All of the boxes are unpacked–except for one that has clothes that are too small for Xander–and all the rooms are pretty much put together with exception of the baby’s room/office.  But even the office side of things is pretty well done.  I do need to organize my craft stuff, but anyone with a “creative brain” knows that there are more important things to do than organizing–too bad my husband doesn’t have that same brain, haha!!

Enjoying the sunset at the Marina by our house.

Enjoying the sunset at the Marina by our house.

We are back to walking nearly every night after dinner again, and one of my favorite walks is less than two miles round trip, but we get to see the sunset at the marina if we time it just right.  And there is also a little diner that has a live band pretty often.  Of course with Xander’s love of music the band is a big “plus” for him, so we’ll let him get out of whatever stroller he’s in and he’ll have his own little dance party until it’s time to head back towards the house.

With Key West being a tourist town we always see tons of older vacationers when we go this way and they always tell us how sweet Xander is and to really take it all in because it goes by so fast.  I can honestly say that I’m feeling it go by faster and faster lately.  I can remember snuggling up on the couch with little man nursing and just watching tv or reading–that doesn’t happen very often anymore, well the nursing part doesn’t happen at all! But now he’s too busy to cuddle with momma lots of times… Just yesterday while I was sitting he went and got the mop and starting mopping the living room and dining room like he had “helped” me do earlier in the day.

Mopping the dining room for me.

Mopping the dining room for me.

Part of our “new normal” has included Xander helping out a lot more.  I know he’s still a baby, but he really wants to help me do things so I’m letting him.  My mom reminded me yesterday that he isn’t going to want to help in about 10 or so years so I’m taking full advantage of his eagerness now.  His “chores” include carrying Allie’s dog food over to its spot while I carry the water bowl, helping load and unload the washing machine and dryer, and “helping” sweep–this one is more to keep him busy while I sweep, he basically just bangs the dustpan on the floor until I’m ready to sweep the dirt into it.

Helping me make dinner.

Helping me make dinner.

He also thinks it’s his job to help me make dinner.  Which to tell the truth I enjoy about 90% of the time.  The other 10% I’m scared he’s going to grab onto something he’s not supposed to have and burn himself.  BUT, so far so good.  The picture above we’re making “pumpkin biscuits” to go with our breakfast for dinner.  We all loved them by the way, we just won’t be adding ANY cayenne pepper next time.  It’d be good for more savory meals, but with breakfast it was just too much spice–and we like spicy around here! :)

30 weeks down, 10ish to go.

30 weeks down, 10ish to go.

Not only is Xander growing up too fast, but this pregnancy is going by too fast also.  According to the average pregnancy I’m 3/4 of the way done… According to when Xander was born I’ve got less than two months to go!  I haven’t decided how we’re going to decorate the nursery or anything else for that matter!  So other than being a little stressed about that, I’m trying to enjoy these last few weeks with the baby INSIDE of me, instead of outside of me–because all my mom friends know how we just think pregnancy sleep is bad until we have a newborn. :) Honestly though, I’m trying to enjoy it just being me and Xander while Paul’s at work before baby #2 gets here–and while X naps and after he’s in bed at night I’ve been looking at Etsy and Pinterest among other sites to get ideas on how to decorate the baby’s room and our office.  I did buy a new “toy shelving unit” for Xander’s room, and the one he has now will come into the baby’s room for clothes, etc.  Also we ordered some more hangers and the crib mattress.  Guess that just leaves a couple sets of sheets and decorations.  Oh and of course his own outfit to come home in… I refuse to let him come home in hand-me-downs since he’ll probably be spending the majority of the next 18 years in them!! Haha.

Meal Plan Monday

I’ve had a few questions lately about what we’re eating so I figured I’d start sharing our weekly menus.  Back in California we got into the habit of planning out our week’s dinners in advance because:
1) We eat healthier–because if I plan ahead I can choose healthier options.
2) It helps us avoid the nightly “What’s for dinner battle” and instead we just have it once a week.
3) We save money–mostly because it’s decided what we’re having and there’s no last minute “Oh no there’s nothing taken out of the freezer for dinner, now we’ll have to order a pizza!”

There are lots of other advantages, but these are the main ones I can think of at the moment.  Lots of blogs have actual downloadable forms to plan out your weekly menus, but I save paper and just write it on our dry erase board–or our calendar from Shutterfly when we were in California but I still haven’t found it and all the boxes are unpacked so I’m thinking it might have gotten lost in the move. :(

Monday: Green Chili Stuffed Porkchops with asparagus and salads.  We got the recipe for the pork chops from Paul’s brother Duane and I lightened it up a bit to try and make it a little healthier.  I’ll have to share the recipe sometime soon.

Tuesday: Spaghetti made with veggie noodles.  (This has been Xander’s favorite dinner lately and I love it because I always make leftovers so he has lunch for a few days too!)

Wednesday: Lettuce Wraps inspired by Once A Month Mom, I always use ground turkey instead of beef and add shredded veggies to make it a little healthier, carrots and zucchini both work really well!  I serve it with rice (another Xander favorite) and call it good since there is usually equal parts veggies to meat.  Paul likes it with extra sriracha on top. :)

Thursday: Leftover Night

Friday: Grilled Chicken Salads

Saturday: Homeade Pizzas,  I use The Pioneer Woman’s dough recipe which you can find here.  It’s really easy and I try to always keep some in the freezer so that all I have to do is let it thaw the day beforehand.

Easter Sunday: Roasted Chicken with carrots and potatoes

You can find more weekly meal plans for inspiration at the link below. :)

mpm chalkboard

Yes, I’m a Mom of Boys.

Well it’s been a good 19 months, but I guess it’s pretty safe to say our child is accident free no more.  Of course he’s had a few scuffles along the way, and a few bumps and bruises are always inevitable, but in the last 24 hours we’ve had more falls than I’ve known what to do about.


Even bruised, he’s still pretty cute. :)

It started out last night during what I’ll call “No Nap Hell” (in case you were wondering that’s where parents who let their kids skip a nap in order to go to the beach and grocery store in the same afternoon go!) Anyways, last night while we were paying for our “no napping sins,” Xander fell and bumped his head pretty darn good on the corner of the coffee table.  Anyways he immediately got a bruise and small knot, which I “just knew” was going to look horrible today.  Paul got a good laugh in at me being a “crybaby momma” because I completely overreacted.  (At least I’m owning up to it right?) And it really isn’t as bad as it looked last night, although there is a small bruise there still, the knot is completely gone.

It *might* have been said last night after my mini freak out that I should start carrying around a little first aid kit for when falls and bumps and scrapes happen.  I completely rolled my eyes at that comment because, “MY child isn’t going to be the kid that falls all the time, and of course I am not going to need to keep band-aids and antibiotic ointment on hand at all times.”  At least that was my thinking process.

Of course, today he’s been falling all over the place since he woke up.  Most recently we went to the Exchange to pick up a few things–which they didn’t even have, blah!–and he fell and skinned his little knee pretty good on the sidewalk as we were leaving.  (It’s the knee you can’t see in the picture above if you were wondering.)  I completely DIDN’T overreact this time, but there was a wonderful older lady that did come running to his rescue and made sure Xander realized something had happened that he should be crying about.  I don’t think he’d have even flinched if she hadn’t gotten involved.

Anyway, of course now I’m heeding the husband’s advice and carrying around a mini first aid kit of band-aids and Neosporin for the many bumps and bruises moms of boys encounter along the way.  As it turns out my kid is going to be just like all the others and have random falls that require a bit of “doctoring.” I will say that putting the band-aid on him was worse than the actual fall itself–turns out he’s not so big on things touching his skin!!

Tuesday Timeout: Just the Three of Us


First, I’ll start with a move update: our house is slowly but surely becoming a home!  Xander’s room is unpacked, and while we’re still piecing together the new baby’s room I can say we’re making progress.  This weekend the goal is to get all the pictures around the house put up–if not beforehand.  We finally got the internet hooked up today also–which is a story in itself as the technician was here for nearly four hours before he finished, and then I had to spend half an hour on the phone getting it hooked up.  Oh the joys of Uverse, but at least it’s hooked up and we haven’t had any issues whatsoever. (Knock on wood!!)

Down by the marina--this is the only "beach" by our house, but it's perfect to go and sit and watch all the wildlife.

Down by the marina–this is the only “beach” by our house, but it’s perfect to go and sit and watch all the wildlife.

Like I’ve said in previous posts, we’ve really just been unpacking and then when we’re completely tired of looking at boxes we’ve done a little exploring of the little island we’ll be calling home for the next three years.  Xander loves it, and for the most part we do too.  There have been a few times I’ve thought we made a bad choice in coming here because there are MUCH fewer options when it comes to everything than we had in California.  At the same time I keep telling myself it’s only three years, and the opportunities to be adventurous are endless here.

His little face is just a ray of sunshine right? Haha.

His little face is just a ray of sunshine right? Haha.

For example, on our first day here we were able to walk to the beach and Paul found little hermit crabs!  I remember having a PET hermit crab for a long time after a family vacation when I was about eleven, and Paul says he remembers having to go to the pet store with his family to replace his little sister’s hermit crabs as they would die every few months!!  Well we can just walk to the beach and grab a new one if we want to–not that I want any more pets, Allie is more than enough most days!

Checking out two baby hermit crabs.

Checking out two baby hermit crabs.

Also, we’ve taken Xander to the Sunset Celebration downtown and he absolutely loved that–and I absolutely loved the view of the sunset!  There are SO many people, and the street performers are pretty entertaining also.  I really can’t wait until we can go back and just soak it all in–maybe with fewer people around, but I’m not so sure it’s ever less crowded… We’ll have to see later in the month when the “spring breakers” are gone.

A view at the Sunset Celebration.  I'll have to do a separate post on this sometime soon!

A view at the Sunset Celebration. I’ll have to do a separate post on this sometime soon!

Mostly, I’ve loved just spending time with my boys.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved visiting all of the family, but finally making it to Key West and it just being the three of us (plus Allie) has been so relaxing.  Being able to start getting into our routine (well kind of!) has been really nice, and although I love his help–and he truly is the best Dad around–I’m kind of anxious for Paul to go back to work so Xander and I can get into a rhythm before baby #2 arrives and throws us for another loop. :)

Enjoying our beach day!

Enjoying our beach day!

Speaking of Baby #2, I’m officially in the third trimester as of last week! And here are the latest baby bump pictures:

28 weeks--and YES, I wore a bikini to the beach while pregnant.

28 weeks–and YES, I wore a bikini to the beach while pregnant.

29 weeks!  No shoes, no makeup, no problem! :)

29 weeks! No shoes, no makeup, no problem! :)