Some sleep would be nice…

Sometimes it’s hard to be a mommy.  For the last week Xander has been waking up between 3-4 and refusing to go back to sleep in his crib. He’s also been fighting us about one (sometimes both!) of his naps. So, he’s been sleeping in our bed from 3-4 am until we wake up around 7, which means we aren’t getting much sleep after he wakes up since he’s such a wild sleeper–for some reason I can’t sleep with a diaper in my face, or feet or even a head laying on top of mine for that matter! Haha!

This morning was even better as he woke up at 2:30 and when we brought him to our bed he didn’t stop crying and instead cried and then started singing at the top of his lungs, all the while he was pushing all the buttons on his sleep giraffe as fast  as his little fingers would go.  After about 15 minutes of the singing Paul took him back to his bed thinking he could sing and push buttons in his room, but that was a no go. So back I went, and after sitting on the floor for nearly 45 minutes he signed that he was hungry so we went and made some oatmeal which he finished in record time! Afterwards I was able to get him to sleep in HIS ROOM! And he slept until 9:15 this morning! Paul got up with him and I got to sleep/lay in bed an additional hour, which I’m so thankful for since X didn’t go back to sleep until after 4!

I'd love to have this sleepy boy back!!!

I’d love to have this sleepy boy back!!!

So for about the last 30 minutes I’ve been looking up what, besides the move, could cause this.. And lo and behold there is this silly thing called “18-month sleep regression.” Yes, Xander is 19 months old, but thinking back on the last month, he started doing this about halfway into our trip and it was pretty random. The last week I think has made it a habit especially since he’s been sleeping in our bed. Maybe he’s just hungry though… Regardless we’re going to start giving him a hearty snack before bed and his blackout curtains are getting put up today. Maybe a combination of the two will make nights a little easier at our house, I know I really want my beauty sleep for the next few months before I’m up every 5 minutes with baby #2 in June!! Haha!

If you have any other ideas for us to try as far as getting X to sleep through the night again we’d love to hear them. We know the move, and road trip, have turned his life upside down–but at the same time I think this is more than that because he’s adjusted pretty well in all other aspects.. Anyway, advice is always accepted.  We don’t have any issues getting him to go to bed at bedtime, it’s just the middle of the night wake up that’s giving us fits!

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