Yes, I’m a Mom of Boys.

Well it’s been a good 19 months, but I guess it’s pretty safe to say our child is accident free no more.  Of course he’s had a few scuffles along the way, and a few bumps and bruises are always inevitable, but in the last 24 hours we’ve had more falls than I’ve known what to do about.


Even bruised, he’s still pretty cute. :)

It started out last night during what I’ll call “No Nap Hell” (in case you were wondering that’s where parents who let their kids skip a nap in order to go to the beach and grocery store in the same afternoon go!) Anyways, last night while we were paying for our “no napping sins,” Xander fell and bumped his head pretty darn good on the corner of the coffee table.  Anyways he immediately got a bruise and small knot, which I “just knew” was going to look horrible today.  Paul got a good laugh in at me being a “crybaby momma” because I completely overreacted.  (At least I’m owning up to it right?) And it really isn’t as bad as it looked last night, although there is a small bruise there still, the knot is completely gone.

It *might* have been said last night after my mini freak out that I should start carrying around a little first aid kit for when falls and bumps and scrapes happen.  I completely rolled my eyes at that comment because, “MY child isn’t going to be the kid that falls all the time, and of course I am not going to need to keep band-aids and antibiotic ointment on hand at all times.”  At least that was my thinking process.

Of course, today he’s been falling all over the place since he woke up.  Most recently we went to the Exchange to pick up a few things–which they didn’t even have, blah!–and he fell and skinned his little knee pretty good on the sidewalk as we were leaving.  (It’s the knee you can’t see in the picture above if you were wondering.)  I completely DIDN’T overreact this time, but there was a wonderful older lady that did come running to his rescue and made sure Xander realized something had happened that he should be crying about.  I don’t think he’d have even flinched if she hadn’t gotten involved.

Anyway, of course now I’m heeding the husband’s advice and carrying around a mini first aid kit of band-aids and Neosporin for the many bumps and bruises moms of boys encounter along the way.  As it turns out my kid is going to be just like all the others and have random falls that require a bit of “doctoring.” I will say that putting the band-aid on him was worse than the actual fall itself–turns out he’s not so big on things touching his skin!!

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