Happy Easter!

Dying Easter eggs on Friday.

Dying Easter eggs on Friday.

Easter has been a whole weekend for us.  We started by dying eggs on Friday and Xander is a complete natural of course!  His little hands got dyed nearly as bright as the eggs did, but they washed off in the bath, so all is good. :)

His pretty eggs.

His pretty eggs.

I was very impressed by his egg dying skills.  I wrote on a few of the eggs (the pink ones) and then the other stuff accidentally scratched off.  The yellowish egg is my favorite.  When he plopped it into the dye the shell broke leaving what looks like a flower to me.


Snuggling my little man on the beach.

We had planned on waking up around 5:45 but Xander’s personal alarm clock went off at 5 so we adjusted our plan.  :) This morning we went to the Sunrise Service on the beach–how blessed are we to live in Key West and have that as an option?!?! After the service two little girls were baptized in the ocean!! We went to the beach yesterday and the water–albeit warmer than the Pacific is still pretty chilly, and this morning at 8 AM would have been even more cold than yesterday in the heat of the day!  So blessed to have been able to witness their strong beliefs! After that we headed home with our very tired little boy and had breakfast.  Thankfully he got a good nap in the car, because he was getting pretty crabby!

"There's one!"

“There’s one!”

The Easter “bunny” had left his basket on the coffee table this morning filled with some new short outfits and eggs filled with stickers and animal crackers. He also got some bubbles, a bubble blowing gun, and two kites that we plan on taking him to the park and flying later today. Since we went to such an early church service this morning Xander didn’t know the Easter bunny had hidden eggs outside until after breakfast.

"Gotta get them all!"

“Gotta get them all!”

Dad showing him how the bubble gun works

Dad showing him how the bubble gun works

It didn’t take long before he was ready to have a go at it himself, and then Paul did it again and Xander chased all the bubbles.  If there is one thing that Xander loves, it’s bubbles! :) After the bubbles were all gone he sat and tried to empty the empty container into the little “dip pad” for the gun for quite a while before I had to take it away.  We’ll have to make up some bubble liquid later this week, because I’m pretty sure the bottle he got for Easter will be gone pretty soon after we open it up–which I’m sure will be later on today! :)


I love this little grin!

IMG_4043Hope you’re having a Happy Easter just like us! I know we’re feeling truly blessed!

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Tina

    :) So glad that you have this blog. I love getting the regular updates. I STILL look over at your old house, have expecting to see your car, every morning. hugs and kisses to the boy!

    1. tashaarmijo Post author

      We miss you QUITE a bit!! Can you just come move across the street from us here? 😉 When he wakes up from his nap I’ll be sure and give him lots and lots of hugs and kisses from his Mrs. Tina. :) Love you guys!!!


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