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Our Art Project for the Nursery

This morning Xander woke up in a VERY grouchy mood, so I knew immediately I was going to have to keep him busy or else I’d be carrying around a grumpy toddler all day.  I pinned something a while back on Pinterest that I knew would make a perfect “art project” for us and have intended on doing something similar for Liam’s room.  If you want to read her tutorial you can go here, it’s definitely more detailed and she probably does a much better job of explaining all the steps!


He might look sweet, but he was NOT happy.

 So, we cut out the fabric for our art project this morning so I could “draw” the outlines in order to paint after nap time.

Here you can see the printed wheel that I traced.

Here you can see the printed wheel that I traced.

I printed out a few outlines of what I wanted to “paint” with Xander.  You can totally skip this step and just freehand it, but if you need a pattern to go off of you can just google “____ color sheet” with the blank being whatever you want to trace.  I did a nautical wheel, an anchor, a sail boat, a starfish, and a whale.

All traced.

All traced.

After I had printed the various color sheets, I mixed 1 cup of flour with 1 cup of warm water until there were no lumps, and then put it in a ziplock bag. (Basically you’re piping the paste like you would ice a cake in this step–but it comes out fast, you could probably slow it down by adding more flour, but it’d also possibly take longer to dry!) I cut a VERY small tip off (seriously, cut even SMALLER than you think you’ll need, it comes out fast and you can always cut again!!) then got to work.  I had to work very fast, even with my small tip–I should have put the mixture in a new bag and started over but I was impatient and Xander thought it was the coolest thing ever. And who am I to rain on grouchy pant’s parade? Once I finished I ended up taking the cutting mat that had all the “pictures” on it out to the patio table.  You definitely don’t need a cutting mat, but you DO need something underneath when painting, and depending on how watered down you do your paint you probably need something more substantial than newspaper!! (The Florida sun does wonders for drying times, it would have taken drying overnight without it!)

IMG_4457During nap time I set everything up and had it ready to go for when grouch woke up.  Oh and he was still grouchy–and ended up playing in the water table while I painted the first two by myself!

IMG_4461Eventually we finished, and let them dry another hour or so. There were random breezes today so I weighed down each corner of the paintings so that they could dry without creating a mess.  (I also suggest doing this if you dry the flour/water mixture outside.  I didn’t at first and two paintings got messed up and I had to go back and fix them!)

Xander painted this one 100% on his own.  He is super proud of it!

Xander painted this one 100% on his own. He is super proud of it!

IMG_4465After they finished drying, I picked all the flour/water mixture off, and the paintings are finished!  They’re each 12×12 inches, and I need to figure out how we’re going to frame them.  They are going to look AWESOME in Liam’s room though!  I’m so excited to share! Let me know if you end up doing something similar! :)

Tuesday Timeout: Xander’s Bird Feeder and Baby #2 News



At the beginning of the month we made one of many Home Depot trips on a Saturday and Xander and I ended up making a bird feeder during one of their “kid workshops” while Paul got the things we were actually there for!  We hadn’t planned on doing the workshop because 1) Xander is only 20 months and they’re geared for older kids and 2) We were really just looking to get in, get out, and get our actual project done at home!  BUT, we got sucked in and X and I actually had fun putting the bird feeder together.  He’s pretty good at handing tools (he knows the hammer from the screw driver!) and he knows what nails are too, and that we hammer them. (Gently!)


Even though they had all the paint set out, we waited and painted the bird feeder at home last week.  This was partially because Paul finished his shopping in the exact time it took us to get the project supplies and put the bird feeder together, and partially because I knew it’d take up at least an hour if I stretched it–and at the point in the pregnancy I’m all for planned activities that take up time!  Anyway, we got the bird feeder painted, and it’s currently hanging in the tree behind the picnic table.  My little artist isn’t so interested in the actual bird feeder, but he is pretty excited that there are more birds around our house lately.  Basically it was a win-win! :)

As far as baby #2 news goes, we met with our new OBGYN today and I’m SO glad to say that it’s a MUCH better fit.  I had a few issues with the first doctor I saw here in Key West, but I’m happy with this one.  We got to see the baby today, and we’ve 100% decided on a name…. We decided to name him after my Granddad–one of the strongest, smartest men in my life and someone who has always been there for me and supported me in everything I’ve done, even if he didn’t agree with it. IMG_4391a

Baby #2 will be named William Ryan.  We plan on calling him Liam for short, just like we call Xander the second part of his name.  We wanted to give him a strong name and it doesn’t get much stronger than “strong willed warrior,” which is what William means.   Paul, Xander and I all have “R” middle names, so Ryan it was. :) If we decide to have any more kids they better be girls, because we’ve run out of good “R” boy names!  Hopefully you like baby #2’s name as much as we do, if not–don’t tell us, because we’re happy with it and it took us a long time to choose it!!!

Catching Up

The baby's room.

The baby’s room.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I feel super behind as far as this baby goes.  It was MUCH earlier in the pregnancy with Xander that we had a name picked out, as well as his room decor decided on at least, etc.  Well.. We HAVE decided on a name, and the room decor has finally been decided!  For his room we’re going with a nautical/red white and blue theme.  His room is still a bit of a nightmare for me–and I’ve started working on it believe it or not! But between feeling sick the last week, and Paul working nights leaving me to entertain (quietly) a busy little boy the room is very VERY slow to come together!

The rocking chair I bought (and Paul refinished!)

The rocking chair I bought (and Paul refinished!)

I will say that Paul had a couple of days off work last week and we knocked a few things out, including this cute little rocking chair!! I paid $10 or $15 for it at a garage sale, and even factoring in the two cans of spray paint, it cost less than $20 to refinish!  I sanded it down and Paul painted it and then we brought it back into the nursery/office/sewing room.

The bedding I sewed. :)

The bedding I sewed. :)

I used this tutorial for the crib sheet, and then just made the “quilt” based on the dimensions of the crib batting I ordered online.  I did both projects in one day! (Of course I have to add that Paul was off so he kept X busy so that I could have some “me time” to knock both projects out!)

What’s left to do in the nursery?

  • I need to wash all the bedding and all the baby toys that Xander hasn’t used in months.
  • I have an “art project” for Xander and myself.  I just need to pick up some cheap picture frames before we start it!  I’m really excited about it and hope it comes out as I’m envisioning it. :)
  • I need to make a couple of throw pillows for the rocking chair, and possibly make a new cover for the boppy depending on my fabric stash–I’d like to add more stuffing to it but that isn’t at the top of the list right now since I’ll have to pick a seam and then resew the pillow by hand which I’m not very good at doing because of my thumb.
  • The tubs in front of the closet need to go to storage.  They’re full of size 6 months+ clothes that Xander has outgrown.  This is huge benefit in having two boys close together–baby #2 won’t NEED much as far as clothing goes!  I have already organized and washed all the Newborn to 3 month clothing, which is a huge task because Xander had a LOT of clothes!
  • I need to organize all of our “office” junk as well as my sewing stuff.  Both of these tasks leave me completely uninspired so I keep shoving it to the end of the list!
  • I keep going back and forth as far as if I want to make curtains or just buy them later on–either way this isn’t at the top of the list either since the baby won’t actually be sleeping in his crib for a while.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have a MUCH better picture of the nursery to post!

Tuesday timeout: This Crazy World


We haven’t gotten cable/satellite tv since the move–and I honestly don’t miss it. However I do end up feeling a little out of touch with the world on days that I don’t log onto the computer and read the news. Yesterday was no exception.. I had to go into the Navy Clinic here to get my OBGYN switched–that’s a whole other story in itself. Anyways, while I was there the Boston bombings happened, and I saw on tv the immediate aftermath.

I had Xander with me, because Paul has been working nights and was at home sleeping. And I was suddenly reminded of 9-11 and all the bad things in this world. My heart is broken for all of those affected by this tragedy, as well as our children. I have this aching feeling that this is slowly becoming the new normal, and that hurts more than anything else.
I hope all my friends with little ones are holding them extra tight and keeping them innocent as long as possible. There’s so much evil in this world that I feel like we’re going to have to be extra diligent in keeping our littles safe and secure. As much as I want it to be, the world isn’t the same place even my generation grew up in–which is heartbreaking but it’s also reality. :(


33 weeks pregnant with baby #2! :)

33 weeks pregnant with baby #2! :)

Tuesday Timeout: Rough Mornings Don’t Mean The End of the World


This morning we got off to a very VERY rough start.  Xander woke up in a horrible, no good, very bad mood and stayed in that mood until about 30 minutes after breakfast.  By the way, breakfast consisted of throwing not only his spoon, but the bowl full of oatmeal as well.  I was about ready to throw in the towel, but finally just let him down from the high chair and he crawled around like a baby crying for about 15 minutes before coming back over to me (as I was finishing cleaning up his mess) and giving me a hug and signing “more”.  We started breakfast over again–this time I fed him, and while there was a bit of a protest since he’s been being a big boy and feeding himself lately, breakfast went a LOT smoother and our day seems to be headed in a much better direction.

We’ve already gone outside and played at the water table, and then came back inside and played cars and read books.  After a little while of reading books he took them all back to the bookshelf and put them away!  I asked him to put the cars away and he did no problem, then signed “sleepy” and walked back to his room!  Currently he’s taking a nap and I’m reminding myself that even with mornings like the one we’ve had, my little man is a complete and total blessing and he’s a lot smarter than I give him credit for!  I’m not sure there are many 20 month olds that will pick up their toys and ask to take a nap, but I’m VERY thankful that one of those 20 month olds is mine!

Last Friday we made “slime” and while it was a bit rough at the beginning–we haven’t played with play dough or anything similar since probably December!–Xander ended up LOVING it.  As usual, I love anything that he loves, and being able to manipulate the slime in various ways is beneficial as a sensory activity.  Paul was home and wasn’t too keen on him playing with it–he actually wrapped the high chair in plastic wrap–which don’t do that, cookie cutters don’t work if you do! But after a bit I think he realized it wasn’t as messy as it looked like in the beginning! IMG_4253If you look at my hands in the pictures you can see that they’re tinted blue, that IS from the slime.  It washed off really easily, and Xander’s hands didn’t even get blue–I think when I got the slime out of the bowl we mixed it in I picked up some of the food coloring to be honest.

IMG_4246Showing little man how to wiggle and jiggle the slime. :) We saved it in a Tupperware container and it’s in my little “stash” of activities to keep little man busy!  I’ve debated whether I want to save the activities for after the baby comes or not, and honestly I’ll probably just pull them down as we need them.

IMG_4329Speaking of the new baby, here’s the baby bump at 32 weeks.  Hard to believe that there is around two months left, TOPS!  I ordered the fabric to make his bedding on Sunday and I can’t wait for it to get here so I can get started during nap times!  I’ve also got to finish getting all the hand-me-downs from Xander sorted out!  Paul has actually requested that I do that this week!  Hopefully I’ll get everything done soon–especially since there isn’t TOO much time left!  :)