Tuesday Timeout: Busy Days

Between keeping little man busy and trying to keep the house clean, all I’ve wanted to do lately is sleep!  And I need it pretty bad considering I made out our grocery list yesterday (and spent over an hour looking at the sale ads in order to plan out our meals) only to get to the grocery store today and realize that I looked at LAST WEEK’S sale ads, so nothing on my list was on sale.  I did this for BOTH stores.  Talk about feeling dumb!  Luckily Xander was in a good mood and was a big “helper” when it came to putting things in the basket.  (It probably helped that we were able to use the “car” shopping cart, so he was able to “drive it around” for me!!)

That being said, I have ZERO pictures from the last week of us together, except for the ones I already posted on Easter.

31 weeks down, 9 more to go!

31 weeks down, 9 more to go!

Thanks to my handsome husband I do have a belly bump picture from about 5 seconds ago though.  This pregnancy is FLYING by–and I just want it to slow down because I know how tired I’ll really be once baby #2 arrives in a few more weeks! Hard to believe that with Xander’s pregnancy I only had a little over a month left at this point–I’m hoping to go the full 40 weeks this time though, more to sleep somewhat through the night for 9 more weeks than anything else!  Heartburn and Braxton Hicks contractions have been trying to get me to change my mind on that though, currently sleep still sounds better than having #2 early though.. I’ll let you know when it changes! :)

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