Tuesday Timeout: Rough Mornings Don’t Mean The End of the World


This morning we got off to a very VERY rough start.  Xander woke up in a horrible, no good, very bad mood and stayed in that mood until about 30 minutes after breakfast.  By the way, breakfast consisted of throwing not only his spoon, but the bowl full of oatmeal as well.  I was about ready to throw in the towel, but finally just let him down from the high chair and he crawled around like a baby crying for about 15 minutes before coming back over to me (as I was finishing cleaning up his mess) and giving me a hug and signing “more”.  We started breakfast over again–this time I fed him, and while there was a bit of a protest since he’s been being a big boy and feeding himself lately, breakfast went a LOT smoother and our day seems to be headed in a much better direction.

We’ve already gone outside and played at the water table, and then came back inside and played cars and read books.  After a little while of reading books he took them all back to the bookshelf and put them away!  I asked him to put the cars away and he did no problem, then signed “sleepy” and walked back to his room!  Currently he’s taking a nap and I’m reminding myself that even with mornings like the one we’ve had, my little man is a complete and total blessing and he’s a lot smarter than I give him credit for!  I’m not sure there are many 20 month olds that will pick up their toys and ask to take a nap, but I’m VERY thankful that one of those 20 month olds is mine!

Last Friday we made “slime” and while it was a bit rough at the beginning–we haven’t played with play dough or anything similar since probably December!–Xander ended up LOVING it.  As usual, I love anything that he loves, and being able to manipulate the slime in various ways is beneficial as a sensory activity.  Paul was home and wasn’t too keen on him playing with it–he actually wrapped the high chair in plastic wrap–which don’t do that, cookie cutters don’t work if you do! But after a bit I think he realized it wasn’t as messy as it looked like in the beginning! IMG_4253If you look at my hands in the pictures you can see that they’re tinted blue, that IS from the slime.  It washed off really easily, and Xander’s hands didn’t even get blue–I think when I got the slime out of the bowl we mixed it in I picked up some of the food coloring to be honest.

IMG_4246Showing little man how to wiggle and jiggle the slime. :) We saved it in a Tupperware container and it’s in my little “stash” of activities to keep little man busy!  I’ve debated whether I want to save the activities for after the baby comes or not, and honestly I’ll probably just pull them down as we need them.

IMG_4329Speaking of the new baby, here’s the baby bump at 32 weeks.  Hard to believe that there is around two months left, TOPS!  I ordered the fabric to make his bedding on Sunday and I can’t wait for it to get here so I can get started during nap times!  I’ve also got to finish getting all the hand-me-downs from Xander sorted out!  Paul has actually requested that I do that this week!  Hopefully I’ll get everything done soon–especially since there isn’t TOO much time left!  :)

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