Tuesday timeout: This Crazy World


We haven’t gotten cable/satellite tv since the move–and I honestly don’t miss it. However I do end up feeling a little out of touch with the world on days that I don’t log onto the computer and read the news. Yesterday was no exception.. I had to go into the Navy Clinic here to get my OBGYN switched–that’s a whole other story in itself. Anyways, while I was there the Boston bombings happened, and I saw on tv the immediate aftermath.

I had Xander with me, because Paul has been working nights and was at home sleeping. And I was suddenly reminded of 9-11 and all the bad things in this world. My heart is broken for all of those affected by this tragedy, as well as our children. I have this aching feeling that this is slowly becoming the new normal, and that hurts more than anything else.
I hope all my friends with little ones are holding them extra tight and keeping them innocent as long as possible. There’s so much evil in this world that I feel like we’re going to have to be extra diligent in keeping our littles safe and secure. As much as I want it to be, the world isn’t the same place even my generation grew up in–which is heartbreaking but it’s also reality. :(


33 weeks pregnant with baby #2! :)

33 weeks pregnant with baby #2! :)

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