Tuesday Timeout: Xander’s Bird Feeder and Baby #2 News



At the beginning of the month we made one of many Home Depot trips on a Saturday and Xander and I ended up making a bird feeder during one of their “kid workshops” while Paul got the things we were actually there for!  We hadn’t planned on doing the workshop because 1) Xander is only 20 months and they’re geared for older kids and 2) We were really just looking to get in, get out, and get our actual project done at home!  BUT, we got sucked in and X and I actually had fun putting the bird feeder together.  He’s pretty good at handing tools (he knows the hammer from the screw driver!) and he knows what nails are too, and that we hammer them. (Gently!)


Even though they had all the paint set out, we waited and painted the bird feeder at home last week.  This was partially because Paul finished his shopping in the exact time it took us to get the project supplies and put the bird feeder together, and partially because I knew it’d take up at least an hour if I stretched it–and at the point in the pregnancy I’m all for planned activities that take up time!  Anyway, we got the bird feeder painted, and it’s currently hanging in the tree behind the picnic table.  My little artist isn’t so interested in the actual bird feeder, but he is pretty excited that there are more birds around our house lately.  Basically it was a win-win! :)

As far as baby #2 news goes, we met with our new OBGYN today and I’m SO glad to say that it’s a MUCH better fit.  I had a few issues with the first doctor I saw here in Key West, but I’m happy with this one.  We got to see the baby today, and we’ve 100% decided on a name…. We decided to name him after my Granddad–one of the strongest, smartest men in my life and someone who has always been there for me and supported me in everything I’ve done, even if he didn’t agree with it. IMG_4391a

Baby #2 will be named William Ryan.  We plan on calling him Liam for short, just like we call Xander the second part of his name.  We wanted to give him a strong name and it doesn’t get much stronger than “strong willed warrior,” which is what William means.   Paul, Xander and I all have “R” middle names, so Ryan it was. :) If we decide to have any more kids they better be girls, because we’ve run out of good “R” boy names!  Hopefully you like baby #2’s name as much as we do, if not–don’t tell us, because we’re happy with it and it took us a long time to choose it!!!

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