Our Art Project for the Nursery

This morning Xander woke up in a VERY grouchy mood, so I knew immediately I was going to have to keep him busy or else I’d be carrying around a grumpy toddler all day.  I pinned something a while back on Pinterest that I knew would make a perfect “art project” for us and have intended on doing something similar for Liam’s room.  If you want to read her tutorial you can go here, it’s definitely more detailed and she probably does a much better job of explaining all the steps!


He might look sweet, but he was NOT happy.

 So, we cut out the fabric for our art project this morning so I could “draw” the outlines in order to paint after nap time.

Here you can see the printed wheel that I traced.

Here you can see the printed wheel that I traced.

I printed out a few outlines of what I wanted to “paint” with Xander.  You can totally skip this step and just freehand it, but if you need a pattern to go off of you can just google “____ color sheet” with the blank being whatever you want to trace.  I did a nautical wheel, an anchor, a sail boat, a starfish, and a whale.

All traced.

All traced.

After I had printed the various color sheets, I mixed 1 cup of flour with 1 cup of warm water until there were no lumps, and then put it in a ziplock bag. (Basically you’re piping the paste like you would ice a cake in this step–but it comes out fast, you could probably slow it down by adding more flour, but it’d also possibly take longer to dry!) I cut a VERY small tip off (seriously, cut even SMALLER than you think you’ll need, it comes out fast and you can always cut again!!) then got to work.  I had to work very fast, even with my small tip–I should have put the mixture in a new bag and started over but I was impatient and Xander thought it was the coolest thing ever. And who am I to rain on grouchy pant’s parade? Once I finished I ended up taking the cutting mat that had all the “pictures” on it out to the patio table.  You definitely don’t need a cutting mat, but you DO need something underneath when painting, and depending on how watered down you do your paint you probably need something more substantial than newspaper!! (The Florida sun does wonders for drying times, it would have taken drying overnight without it!)

IMG_4457During nap time I set everything up and had it ready to go for when grouch woke up.  Oh and he was still grouchy–and ended up playing in the water table while I painted the first two by myself!

IMG_4461Eventually we finished, and let them dry another hour or so. There were random breezes today so I weighed down each corner of the paintings so that they could dry without creating a mess.  (I also suggest doing this if you dry the flour/water mixture outside.  I didn’t at first and two paintings got messed up and I had to go back and fix them!)

Xander painted this one 100% on his own.  He is super proud of it!

Xander painted this one 100% on his own. He is super proud of it!

IMG_4465After they finished drying, I picked all the flour/water mixture off, and the paintings are finished!  They’re each 12×12 inches, and I need to figure out how we’re going to frame them.  They are going to look AWESOME in Liam’s room though!  I’m so excited to share! Let me know if you end up doing something similar! :)

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      Thanks for the inspiration Sheela! I have a feeling we’ll be doing more art projects like this soon! :)


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