Living on an island

So parts of Key West flooded yesterday because of all the rain!! There are pictures all over Facebook, and I don’t want to steal anyone’s photography–even if its only cell phone photos, but basically there were people paddling kayaks in the streets downtown.
We weren’t really affected by the storm–with the exception of Paul’s bike ride being cut short. (He thought he’d beat Mother Nature and go out for a morning ride before the storm hit. Needless to say Xander and I had to go rescue him, and if we hadn’t it would have taken him hours to get back because the rain was so bad!) The roads by our house weren’t too bad, of course there were some pretty big puddles but it wasn’t “kayak worthy” like downtown was.
Our “Florida room” was completely drenched, my basil plants had to have top soil added today even though we brought them in early on, and one of Xander’s ride along toys got broken because the weight of the rain broke a piece off of it. All in all pretty minor.. It rained again this morning for a few hours and is supposed to rain later on this afternoon. The ground outside is already dry thanks to the Florida sun, and we even went outside and played for a while this afternoon.
When we got here, someone made fun of Paul for not having a rain jacket in Florida and we both kind of laughed it off… It looks like we’ll all be investing in them sometime soon. Rain storms really aren’t a joke! :)

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