Tuesday Timeout: Fish, a Shark, and Four Weeks Left

The past week has been a little rough.  Xander has been acting out and having some major meltdowns, which I have nothing to attribute to and I’ve been dealing with the joys of pregnancy–including Braxton Hicks contractions and constant exhaustion.  Only four-ish more weeks to go though.

Looking out at all the different fish

Looking out at all the different fish

Tonight the boys took me out to dinner and on the way back we stopped alongside the road at one of the little boat ramps/fishing areas and watched the fish.  Since I have ZERO knowledge over what all the fish are named here I can’t relay what all we saw, but I know we did see lots of spiny lobsters and little yellow/black fish swimming around.  Right as we were going to leave we saw a 4 foot long shark!  Again, I’m no marine biologist so I’m not 100% sure what kind of shark it was, but after googling the sharks in the area and photos of each one it looks most similar to a nurse shark.  So crazy to realize there are actual sharks here!!!!  I’ll be even more careful with my little ones in the water now–even though X is nearly always held when he gets wet, it still makes me a little nervous!  Days like today make me want to get some fishing poles ASAP so when we’re by the water and there are all the fish like today then we can try to catch some.  I think that Xander would love to see the fish up close and personal. :)

36 weeks down, and feeling HUGE!!!

36 weeks down, and feeling HUGE!!!

Like I said before, I’ve got about four more weeks left–if Liam and I make it to the due date! I definitely FEEL pregnant now, but I’m still enjoying it.  The crazy kicks make me think that he’s definitely going to be a soccer star, or maybe a punter!  Either way, he’s much more active than Xander ever was!  We’ve been working on the nursery and little by little it’s getting finished.  I still want to make curtains and a crib skirt.. But I think I’ll have to order more fabric to do either.

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  1. Gran

    You are beginning to look a little pregnant! Hope you are able to make it to the due date. Thanks for the update. Gran


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