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One of the benefits of having our second baby so close to Xander is that we still have EVERYTHING. I kept all of X’s clothes and thankfully we’re having another boy so we won’t really need to buy anything.  That being said, I really want Liam to have some clothes of his own! I also want some cute “big brother” and “little brother” clothes! Xander and I made Liam a onesie with my embroidery machine, but he pulled a couple of the threads and it ended up having a couple of holes. :(  After that I decided it might be better if I do my crafting without Xander.. So a couple of nights ago I printed out my design and did a freezer stencil thanks to instructions that you can find at Cheri’s blog.broteesThis isn’t my first rodeo with the freezer stencils–Paul and I made skeleton shirts to match Xander’s Halloween costume when we announced the pregnancy back in October.  Those turned out great, but I feel like the shirts for the brothers are much cuter!  Just a few more weeks and I’ll be able to share pictures of them IN the shirts! So exciting!!!

The finished shirts.

The finished shirts.

Next week I plan on sharing a couple of shirts I’m making for my cousin who is due a couple of weeks after me with a baby girl!  Can’t wait!  Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Baby Clothes

  1. Gran

    The brother shirts are really cute. If you invented the logos you need to copyright them.

    The first time the boys are seen in town wearing them a T shirt vendor will copy them and they will be all over South Florida.

    Wish I had half your ideas and creativity.


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