Busy, busy!

The past week has been busy, busy!  Paul and I are beginning to think that Xander has entered the terrible two’s.  Why? He has started throwing extreme fits, and not only when he doesn’t get his way.  We’re dealing with random fit throwing–even when everything appears to be going his way. He’s also constantly throwing toys, food, and anything else he can get his hands on.  Yesterday he sat in time-out three times in a row and probably would have ended up there a few more times before I just removed him from the situation completely.  I know he’s just slowly gaining much-needed autonomy so I’m trying to not get frustrated with him–which can be hard when he repeatedly throws food on the floor that you just mopped, or hits you HARD because you asked him to put away the blocks.  Joys of parenting!


38 weeks, definitely feeling like a whale now!

 Not only are we dealing with a wild one, we’re also dealing with the joys of pregnancy.  Multiple times in the past week I’ve started timing contractions because I thought it could be time.  Of course multiple times I have been wrong and I’ve realized it within a few contractions.  His kicks are getting wild just like his big brother’s attitude.  A couple of times in the past week I’ve put Paul’s hand on my belly and he’s always shocked at how crazy the kicks are.


He has a little “lion bath scrubber” that I give him to dust and windex with.

Besides my boys being wild, I also have to say how sweet Xander is.  Today I wanted to clean the house since Paul has had me on lock down as far as over-doing it.  (Since I’m past 38 weeks I’ve decided Paul can take his over-protective sweet self shove it and I’m going back to my normal life as long as I feel okay–and I mean this to be sweet, I have REALLY appreciated him taking charge of X and doing all the stuff I usually do around here!)  So, today while Paul was taking his nap (he’s working the night shift!) I swept and mopped and Xanderbug helped the entire time.  He carried around the dust pan and mini-broom and helped me sweep up the piles, and then carried around the spray bottle that I use when I mop.  After his nap he helped dust and windex all the glass, and helped pick up all his toys also.  He can definitely be a sweet boy when he wants to be, and for that I’m very grateful!

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