Butterfly Conservatory With My Boys

I have no idea what his face is all about.

I have no idea what his face is all about.

Today we had the best day!  Xander and I spent the majority of our morning playing outside again while Paul slept since he worked the night shift last night and didn’t get home until around 9 this morning.  Once he woke up and we ate some lunch the boys told me we were going for a surprise.  We got in the car, drove downtown and parked and then walked and walked and walked.  We ended up at the Butterfly Conservatory and had an absolute blast.

Watching a butterfly.

Watching a butterfly.

I absolutely LOVED it.  I remember going to the Butterfly Garden in Branson, MO with my grandparents when I was little and loving it.  Watching Xander’s attention completely captivated by the butterflies flying around and the different birds walking around made this trip for me.  He absolutely loved watching the butterflies, and we both loved watching him.  We’d point one out as it landed and then he’d point at it to show it to us, and he’d follow the little baby birds around too.


I have no idea what kind of baby birds these were, but Xander loved watching them.  These are the ones he followed around the conservatory.

bf8Here he is showing us a butterfly.  I wish I would have brought my camera, but since it was a surprise I didn’t know to.  However, I definitely plan on taking Xander again sometime (even if it’s without Paul) because he LOVED it.  So, I’ll definitely bring it next time and hopefully get some pictures of the butterflies too.

bf6Another thing we loved is that Xander was able to walk around on his own and we didn’t have to stress.  He was able to lead us around for once, and that he absolutely loved.  He really liked watching the fish and the little waterfalls.

bf9Here he is showing Dad more butterflies.  I think we’re going to be bringing all of our guests to the Butterfly Conservatory, we really had THAT good of a time.


Oh and here’s another baby bump picture.  Now that there are less than 2 weeks left until our “due date”, I’m hoping that there aren’t too many more baby bump pictures and that soon we’ll have baby pictures!! :)

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