Liam’s Birth Story!

I have to start saying my two-week blogging vacation happened because WE HAD OUR BABY!!

And he's PERFECT!

And he’s PERFECT!

I woke up around 4:30 am on Memorial Day to go to the bathroom for the millionth time that night/morning.  I was having what I thought might just be more “fake labor” contractions so I went back to bed but quickly realized I wouldn’t be getting any more sleep at that point.  Paul had to work, so I decided to go get in the bathtub so he could sleep until his alarm went off at 6:30 and then I’d toss and turn some more in bed after he was already awake.  (All the while I thought this was just more “fake labor”)

Well, I spent an hour in the tub with my contractions only getting worse–and usually the tub slowed them WAY down.  So, by the time Paul’s alarm went off I was convinced it was the real deal.  I met him at our bedroom door and at that point I had a little gush of fluids and was convinced my “water had broken.”  Because of Xander’s labor/delivery I knew I had to go in pretty soon once this happened.  I should note that up until this point I had planned on Paul going on into work and me just calling him when it was closer to time, and then him coming home and us going to the hospital.  I called my OB and was told to go in immediately.  So, Paul called work and explained the situation while I packed the last few things in my hospital bag and then laid on the bed to breathe through the contractions.  He also got Xander up and got him dressed and loaded everything in the car.

We got in the car and he asked if we had time to grab coffee on the way, I said we did.  He stopped at a gas station and I remember immediately regretting letting him get coffee because the contractions were bad in the car.  I decided it was a good time to put my makeup on so my mind would be on something besides the contractions.  So I did that while singing to Xander who was of course having a minor meltdown in his car seat.  (We weren’t able to get ahold of our friend that was going to watch him so we brought him with us knowing we’d eventually get ahold of her.) Paul finally got out to the car and we headed to the hospital.

We got to the hospital and started the check in process in the ER, because it was of course a holiday and the normal admittance office was closed.  It took what seemed like forever and I’ll never forget there was a woman there that kept telling her teenage daughter “Oh honey it’s time, it’s time” and then made eye contact with me and said “You can do this.” I was in tears when she said that and it kind of got me through the waiting on the L&D nurse who I thought was the slowest person in the world at that time.  The nurse showed up a while later with a wheelchair, and there was no way I was sitting in it, so I walked to the elevator and then to the room we’d been assigned.

I got changed into the gown and hooked up to the monitors and the Labor & Delivery nurse came in and checked me.  It was about 8:30 by the time this happened.  It turns out my water hadn’t broken, but I was already dilated to a 6!  Originally I didn’t think I wanted them to tell me–because I didn’t want to think I was halfway there only to find out I was dilated to like a one–but hearing I was a 6 already made me so happy, and I decided then to just go with the flow and let them tell me every time they checked me.  Paul put some cartoons on for Xander–who doesn’t watch a lot of TV but miraculously he did that morning and he also played with his stuffed puppy Scout.  (We finally got ahold of our friend at 9:30 and she was at the hospital to pick him up by 9:45, so we only had him there for about an hour–and he was perfect that entire hour!!)  While he played and watched tv, Paul was my super hero husband like always and rubbed my leg and calmly talked to me and told me how great I was doing and reminded me to relax.

After Xander was gone the L&D nurse came in a few times and brought me ice/cranberry juice as well as a wash cloth to wet because I felt SO HOT even with the fan on me going full blast.  Through all of this Paul kept rubbing my leg–and any time he stopped I demanded (nicely) he start again.  At about 10:45 I started to think that I couldn’t take much more but Paul talked me into doing two more contractions.  Before that could even happen I was pushing the call button on the bed (that wasn’t connected–they had a separate button that wasn’t attached but I didn’t know that!) and he ended up in the hallway getting her for me.  She said she had to check me before she could get the dr to call in any meds so I laid the bed back myself so that process could be sped up!  She checked me and I was a 9! I remember asking her if I got like a shot of something at that point would the baby be sleepy when he was born and she said yes, he’d be sleepy and not want to nurse (she knew I wanted to go without pain medicine for nursing as well as to avoid another tailbone fracture!).  She then asked me if I wanted some pain medicine and I said no, and that I didn’t want a sleepy baby.

I should also say that at this point I was very VERY honest with Paul and the nurse.  I was in pain.  I was hot.  Paul had turned on music about an hour earlier and while it was good for the most part an annoying song came on right as I found out how far I was and that pain medicine wasn’t an option.  A combination of these things caused me to get whiney.  I started whining:
“This sucks”
“I’m so hot, and being hot SUCKS”
“This song sucks”
“Now I’m cold. Ugh this sucks!”
“I feel like I need to throw up.  Is this transition?” The nurse said, “Yes this is transition.” To which I replied, “Ugh, transition sucks!!”

Then, I felt like I needed to push.  So I told her.  She said I’d have to wait because my doctor had just gone downstairs to smoke.  I remember asking her “Are you serious? Doesn’t he know I’m having a baby?!?! Ugh this sucks!” And I remember her telling me that she knew and that yes it did suck, but it wouldn’t be much longer.  She and Paul were BEYOND great at this moment.  I was so frustrated and they were both so good to me.  All I could say was “This sucks” and “I am not waiting anymore this baby wants to come out!” and they both just kept calm and kept rubbing my legs.

A million hours later (to me it was a million hours, it was more like three minutes in all honesty) the doctor was back and they turned the fan off because it would be too cold on the baby–which really frustrated me because I was so incredibly hot!  They moved the bed, and I started pushing.  I needed a quick refresher course on that because I had an epidural with Xander and couldn’t feel anything.  I definitely felt everything with Liam.  That being said a few contractions later my little Liam was born.

I say my little Liam… He weighed 8 lbs 11 oz–roughly 2.5 lbs more than his big brother did.  (You know, the big brother that fractured my tailbone?!?!) He also measured 21 inches long–two inches longer than Xander.  So he was definitely bigger than his big brother, and bigger than any baby born in my family recently!  AND my tailbone didn’t break!  AND I did it without pain meds! AND I kept my cool and wasn’t one of those cussing fools like you see in the movies!  AND I felt AMAZING afterwards!  Liam was born screaming (Xander wasn’t) and immediately breastfed (Xander didn’t) and all in all it was an amazing experience.

A little while after he was born, once he’d been cleaned up and was nursing again, Paul asked me “Does this suck?” All I remember was laughing and telling him that it was amazing and Liam was perfect.

He is pretty perfect, and he has lots of hair!

He is pretty perfect, and he has lots of hair! Xander didn’t have hair!!

We had to stay at the hospital for two days, which was longer than I had planned on staying but all in all it wasn’t bad.  Xander wanted absolutely nothing to do with the baby (or me really) while we were at the hospital, but started warming up to him once we brought him home.  Tomorrow Liam will be two weeks old and Xander is Super Big Brother and gives Liam kisses, brings Liam blankets and toys to “play with” AND holds his little hand when we change Liam’s diapers.  I am SO proud of my little man and how well he’s adapted to being the big brother.  He’s a little protective of him also, and runs to the bedroom to check on him when Liam gets his diaper changed (Liam screams the entire time!)  Xander also won’t go to bed until he’s kissed baby brother goodnight.

The two of them make me melt.

The two of them make me melt.

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