Tuesday Timeout: Then There Were Two

Oh my goodness! Life with two boys is a bit crazy.. Definitely more crazy than life with just Xander was!!
The boys are complete opposites! Xander was my little go with the flow baby… When Paul went back to work I actually set a timer so I would know when to wake him up and feed him and change his diaper because he would sit in a dirty diaper all day if you let him.. Liam goes into full on meltdown the second his pants are dirty! With Xander I felt like he’d never gain weight, and of course Liam gained 8.5 ounces in two days!! I know the similarities will eventually pop up, but right now it seems as though my boys are polar opposites, and I wouldn’t have them any other way!

Like I said before, Xander was my go with the flow baby. Little Liam is a bit more high needs, so thankfully I haven’t had too many times with both boys by myself. The few times I have had them to myself have been a bit overwhelming–although I’m sure it will get easier as I get more practice. Paul has of course proven his Super Dad status in that he can handle a newborn and toddler with ease–and has done so multiple times so I can catch up on some sleep!! (Yes he’s perfect and no I won’t share him!) I’m hoping that Super Parent stuff he’s made of is rubbing off on me some!

The Super Hero powers have definitely rubbed off on Xander! He’s the best big brother I’ve ever seen. Of course in the beginning he wanted nothing to do with Liam, but once we got him home from the hospital he started to warm up to the screaming alien we’re calling his little brother. He insists that baby brother takes a bath with him every night, and has this thing where if baby brother wears socks he needs to have socks on too. He also climbs on our bed when I’m changing Liam’s diaper and holds his hand and babbles to him and gives him kisses. It’s pretty sweet. I have to admit I was scared for Xander and wasn’t sure how he’d do having to share me and Paul with a baby, but he is handling it just fine. I’m proud to report that he has so much love to give that it hasn’t been an issue at all.

I have lots of photos to share in the next couple of days… Including the newborn pics we took of Liam! I absolutely love them and I know you will too. It’s so much fun having a little squishy newborn again–well besides the middle of the night feedings and him not being able to communicate his needs. (You don’t realize how nice it is having a toddler until you have a newborn! Haha!!) Having already done this once before, I know how quickly this stage will pass though, so I fully intend to enjoy it as much as possible. (Especially since this might be our last baby!)

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