Four Years!

Today makes 4 years since Paul and I said, “I do!” Talking to my mom earlier we joked that it seems so much longer and it feels like Paul has always been a part of our family.. (It was meant in a good way that it felt like so much longer!)
I’ve mentioned before that Paul truly is Super Dad to Xander. Since Liam has been born he has just proved his Super Dad status. Liam has been a MUCH higher needs baby than Xander was, and is fussy for over an hour several times a day–so not long enough to be considered “colicky” but still longer than Xander ever was. Paul takes it in stride and has been more patient with him than even I have.
Not only did I marry Super Dad, but I married a man who has more patience with me than I could ever deserve. Not only that but he’s always sweet and loving. I’m definitely a blessed girl, and hope he realizes how lucky he makes me feel. Thanks for four amazing years honey… Here’s to forty or fifty-something more 😉


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  1. Gran

    Congratulations on a happy four years and best wishes for as many more as Budgie and I have been lucky enough to share. Love you all.


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