Sleeping Like A Baby


Liam was only a week old in this picture… SO hard to believe it’s already been a month!!

Life with two babies is a little more than I think we bargained for.  It’s hard to say that Xander is a baby when he’s just a little over a month away from being two, but after talking to my Budgie yesterday and hearing her call my 50-year-old Uncle Billy her baby I realized that my boys will always be “my babies” no matter how old they are.

Speaking of babies, my little Liam definitely sleeps like a newborn most nights.  (And a hungry newborn at that!!) Most nights he falls asleep shortly after the boys take a bath between seven and eight, and then I’ll nurse him before we go to bed around 11 or so, and then he’s back up at 1 and then around three or four in the morning he throws what I call his “nightly fit” where he’s up and unhappy for a solid hour before going back to sleep.  At that point I usually (and by usually I mean 99.9% of the time) nurse him continuously until Xander wakes up in the morning which is usually around eight, but he has taken pity on us lately and slept until closer to nine a few days–and even NOON one day last week! All this being said, I’m a pro at nursing in my sleep after Xander, so despite the frequent wake ups, I am getting much more sleep than I did with Xander.  For that I’m VERY thankful.


Xander on the other hand no longer sleeps like a baby… Since we’ve had Hunter here I’ve decided he sleeps like a teenager–only different hours.  We put him down around eight at night, and he sleeps until at least eight in the morning most days, and like I said earlier sometimes it’s later than that.  Immediately when he wakes up he wants cereal, and signs and says “cereal” about a thousand times between me picking him up out of his crib and getting his diaper changed!  He’ll stay awake about three hours before he gets fussy and desperately needs a nap, and then he goes down for anywhere between an hour and a half and three hours.  If I could get Liam to sleep during Xander’s nap time I’d be living the life!  Sadly, he’s been choosing Xander’s nap time as the perfect time to throw one of his crazy fits, so this momma is no longer getting a nap.

The silver lining to Liam’s fit happening during nap time is that I’m able to focus 100% on Liam and only Liam.  When he cries while Xander is awake I inevitably have to divide my attention between the two and that makes it hard.  I’m really thankful that Xander enjoys being a big brother right now and doesn’t mind “helping me” by patiently holding Liam’s hand a million times a day.  He really likes being involved with his baby brother and it completely warms my heart!  I could go on and on about Xander being a big brother, but that’ll have to be a post for another day!  I’ve got two sleeping babies and I plan on joining them while I can!!

Sweet dreams little one!

Sweet dreams little one!

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