Five whole weeks?

Has it really been five whole weeks since we brought little Liam into this world?  When we had Xander I started this little tradition where I took his picture wearing a white onesie every Monday on a different blanket. I then went into picnik (which has since shut down!) and edited the photo to show the number of weeks he was.  I did it every week for the entire first year–even on vacations!  Well Liam was also born on a Monday, so the tradition has continued!  And I’ve even managed to take the photos using the same blankets! photo 2Like I said, Picnik has since shut down and I’m having to use Google+ now to add the little numbers to his pictures.  (There are websites that sell stickers to put on onesies, but we’re cheap and I can do a little editing myself!) Anyway, Google+ doesn’t have the same numbers so they don’t look the exact same.  Oh, and Xander is on the left and Liam is on the right. :)

photo 3I can’t believe I got a smile from Xander this early… Actually, yes I can.  He has always been a little cheeser!  This is about as good a smile as Liam will usually give.  (Does this mean their personalities are already ingrained at two weeks old? If so we might be in trouble! HAHA!)

photo 4I love that they’re both looking to the right.  :) You can tell that Liam has about three times as much hair as Xander did.

photo 5It’s crazy to me how much the boys DON’T look alike!  Also, Liam is HUGE compared to Xander.  Xander was wearing a cloth diaper (adds bulk to his bottom) and Liam is in a disposable diaper.  That being said look at how the onesie fits Liam!

photo 1And here are my sweet boys at five weeks old!  Liam is already wearing 3 month clothing!!! That’s something Xander didn’t do until around Christmas–so he was 4, almost 5 months old!  It’s insane to me how much bigger Liam is, especially considering that he’s the “little brother.”  It has been a running joke in our family that Liam will be giving Xander hand-me-down clothes before too much longer. I hope that isn’t the case (because I have to carry him!!) but I can’t wait to see him grow–but I don’t want him to grow up too fast of course!!

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  1. Gran

    This is one of the cutest posts yet. And you cannot even imagine how different those boys are likely to be as they grow. Enjoy every day with the boys.


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