Initiated into the Stay at Home All By Myself Club

Yesterday my boys initiated me into the Mom of Two Kids Does It All By Herself Club. Up until yesterday either Paul, my mom, or my baby sister Hunter had been around to help take care of the boys (and who am I kidding they helped take care of me too!) The boys gave me a rude awakening, and although it was a bit scary I’m pretty sure we’ll all survive.

Liam thinks we’ll survive too. Haha.
Our day started off pretty good yesterday–of course we still had Hunter! We had to take her to the airport to catch her 2:30 flight and Xander was a big boy and just said “bye” about 100 times and blew about 45 kisses as she walked through security and then we headed to the car. That’s where my fun started. I started to buckle him in and he did the back arch of an Olympian gymnast and started screaming at the top of his lungs “Hunnn” “Hunnn!!!” once he realized she wasn’t in the car with us. That went on the entire drive home, and I have never in the four months we’ve lived here been so glad that Key West is so small!! I’d like to say that he was all better by the time we got home, but I’d be lying. He’s getting his 2 year molars in so between that, Hunter leaving, and him having some quirks about how toys should be put away (I might have put some toys in the wrong bin–oops!) we had a wonderful afternoon. So wonderful that when he started throwing a 20 minute long screaming fit at 6 pm I threw the towel in and started a bath for him. That’s right, we started his bed time routine at 6! He was in bed by about 6:30 and fast asleep by about 6:35!!
Not to be outdone Liam began his fit at promptly 6:37 and I spent the next two hours trying to make him happy… As much as I love these boys they make me a bit crazy!!

Another story of my initiation to this new club: Xander is growing up. During one of his fits (I believe it was when I told him we don’t play with the dog’s food and water that sparked this one!) he took off down the hall and shut himself in his room. Because I am the ever so patient mother–haha!–I decided he could just stay in there a few minutes so we could both calm down. Well, he got quiet really quick, and I assumed he was demolishing his room. Since I knew that everything could be put away later I just let him. About twenty minutes later I went in and found him playing with his trains. (The pic above is what he was doing!) He had put all his train tracks together, and then put all the magnetic trains together, and was working on his block train… Normally shutting himself in his room would have put him into a panic, but yesterday it allowed him time alone to play completely by himself. My little man is growing up! :( Honestly though, as much as I want to keep my boys little, Xander playing quietly by himself probably gave me the sanity to realize that while staying home with two under the age of two is rough, in the grand scheme of things it’s a very short part of my life. I absolutely love these two boys and wouldn’t trade them for the world.. But I would trade a fit or two for a bunch of thin mints, of which I did have several after I got them both to sleep last night! I figure I earned them for surviving my first day alone. :)

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