Tuesday Timeout: Rain, Rain Go Away

I haven’t done a Tuesday Timeout in a while, and while I’d love to blame it on being so busy with two babies (which we definitely are in this household!) it’s more the fault of me not taking many pictures of me WITH the boys..

This is in our Florida Room.  When it rains like it did today, the mulch sometimes floods.

This is in our Florida Room. When it rains like it did today, the mulch sometimes floods.

That being said, Paul is home from work today and he took a few pictures for us. :) On his days off normally he and Xander would go on a bike ride, or go to the park, or go anywhere just to get out of the house (sometimes just play outside) and normally Xander and I spend at least part of our day outside as well–normally it’s in the morning because it’s so much cooler and not nearly as humid!! It didn’t happen this morning though.  I’m pretty sure it rained some last night, and right after breakfast it started pouring down.  We’re getting used to the rain because it’s rained nearly every day for the last month, there has maybe been 2-3 days we haven’t seen sprinkles at the very least!

Please let's go outside!!

Please let us go outside!!

I had planned a really fun morning that included meeting up with some other moms and kiddos down at the park.  We were going to meet up with our neighbor and her little girl, that’s a month older than Xander, and then walk down.  Of course, the rain crushed our plans!  So, I sent our neighbor a text asking if she and her daughter wanted to just come over and make play dough and play.

Pouring in some sprinkles.

Pretending to pour in some sprinkles. You can just barely see the top of little Liam’s head in this picture! Wearing him in the Boba is a total life-saver!

Originally I had planned on making it with both Xander and his little friend, but we had to clean the house a little and they were eating breakfast once we finished.  We ended up making it on our own and they got to our house just as we finished the second batch–we made blue and red.  As you can tell in the pictures Xander is still in love with using the kitchen appliances and is a huge helper.


Not so big on smiling today though.  We used our cookie cutters and my rolling-pin along with some cups and forks/spoons.  Xander is finally to the age that he’s starting to like play dough.  His friend wasn’t as enthused about it, but I think that’s more because there were new toys at our house.  I was REALLY impressed with Xander’s sharing skills, and while they definitely need practice, he’s better than I expected him to be.  Needing practice just means we’ll have to have our friends over more often though!! :)

The play dough recipe is really simple:
2.5 cups flour, plus extra
.5 cups salt
1.75 cups water
2 TBS oil
Food coloring

Mix flour and salt.
Bring water and oil to a boil adding food coloring.
Mix the dry ingredients into the wet.  (I did this backwards and just poured the hot water into the kitchenaid bowl of my mixer)
Mix until the dough isn’t sticky, adding additional flour as needed.

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