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There are days when my husband drives me crazy and I can’t wait until he leaves to go to work just so I get a bit of a break.  I’m sure every married woman can relate; they don’t put their dirty laundry in the hamper, or don’t rinse out their coffee mug so you have to scrub to get the stain off.  Lately, there haven’t been many of those days despite Paul having had the last 6 days off of work.  It could be in part because we’re fostering a dog that drives me batty and I already feel stretched thin by two very needy little boys and Paul being home has really helped give me a little room to breathe.  It could also be the fact that he just finished building something I’ve wanted for Xander, but didn’t think we could accommodate as far as space, time, and money were concerned.  I’m going to go with the last one.

Xander helping Dad put together the chairs.

Xander helping Dad put together the chairs.

Growing up my grandparent’s had this little wooden kids’ table that all of my cousins and I would eat our meals at.  It was also where we did all of our coloring, playing with play dough, and many other things.  I’ve wanted something similar for Xander for a while, especially since he loves painting, coloring, using cookie cutters on play dough, and anything else that demands I cover the surface of my table in order to protect it from permanent damage.  However, housing here is small, and when you factor in all the boys’ toys and then the five million things that I “just can’t live without” there isn’t a ton of room for a kids’ table.  Add in that one like I wanted was a little spendy I didn’t think it was going to happen.

The finished table and chairs.  Right now I'm keeping his Color Wonder markers and coloring book in the little stool--we'll see how long that lasts.

The finished table and chairs. Right now I’m keeping his Color Wonder markers and coloring book in the little stool–we’ll see how long that lasts.

About a week ago we were discussing what we were going to do for Xander’s birthday and Paul mentioned that it’d be nice to make him a table, but there really isn’t a great place to put it.  I jumped on that idea and we started discussing where we’d put the table.  The conversation ended with him telling me to find some plans online so he could go get the wood the next day!  As you can imagine I was ecstatic!  I found the plans for the table here, the chair plans here, and the little square chair/storage here.  Originally we had planned on putting castors on the square seat, but that would have added about $20 to the cost due to the locking wheels being $5 a piece!  Since Xander is a little wild neither Paul or myself felt that skimping and getting cheaper wheels would be a good idea.  I can just picture the stool getting launched into the sliding glass doors or him launching Allie or baby brother down the hallway as a science experiment.

He's already a big fan, and I'm a big fan of not having to cover my table.

He’s already a big fan, and I’m a big fan of not having to cover my table.

As it is, the project took Paul four days.  One for building, and then three for conditioning and staining the wood.  Since it’s so humid here it  took a lot longer for the stain to dry.  I think if we’d painted it instead it wouldn’t have taken as long, but it also wouldn’t have turned out as nice.  I’m extremely proud of the work that Paul did!  I’m also glad that he’s been home the last several days and for all the help he’s given me with the boys and everything else!  He truly is Super Dad, and for that I’m thankful!

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