Xander’s 2nd Birthday Party


Yesterday we celebrated Xander’s 2nd birthday!  Of course it was a few days early, but that didn’t seem to hurt his feelings at all!  Last year we went all out and had a pool party, and while we had a great time we also didn’t have two babies.  This year we went MUCH more low-key and had a cook out.  Only it was much too hot to be outside, so we all hung out inside while Super Dad grilled everything.  We ended up having two other couples join us, one being the neighbor’s that have a little girl just a month older than Xander.  They moved in about two months after us and their little girl and Xander are quickly becoming best friends!

Xander playing with his friend A.  They ran all over the house playing chase.. And later crawled around pretending to be puppies. (I think)

Xander playing with his friend A. BTW, he painted the two on his shirt! (That’s a post for later though!)

Paul grilled stuffed jalapenos, hot dogs, hamburgers, and two different types of bratwurst.  We also had watermelon and then cake and popsicles.  Originally we had planned on “carving” a cake out of the watermelon but that changed when the watermelon got knocked off the counter yesterday morning–a gecko had gotten into the house when Paul took Allie out so I made a quick trip to the grocery store and got an actual cake.  It all worked out. :)

This boy loves his momma's popsicles!

This boy loves his momma’s popsicles!

The monster face.

The monster face from the popsicle.

Xander and his little friend got to color, play with all his toys, and they even got to play with some balloons that Maria brought for him.  (Maria works with Paul and moved here the same time we did.  She’s been over to our house LOTS and even watched Xander while we were at the hospital having Liam–we love her!)  They were both a bit sleepy and as the “party” was winding down we popped a Signing Time DVD in and they both chilled on the couch happy as clams. :)

Getting ready to blow out candles

Getting ready to blow out candles


We let them both blow out candles a few times.

We let them both blow out candles a few times.

It couldn’t have been more perfect–okay well if we could have had family here it would have been perfect, but that’s the story of our life!  Xander was surrounded by lots of people that love him, and we were able to sing Happy Birthday and that’s really all that matters.  He woke up this morning and went straight to opening the toys he got yesterday and playing with those while I made him breakfast.  He’s one happy and blessed little boy–and I still can’t believe he’s almost 2!

Watching some Signing Time before everyone went home. :)

Watching some Signing Time before everyone went home. :)

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