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Our week with Letter C


This week was a little different since we took a day trip to the mainland (funny saying that since but we’re closer to Cuba than we are to mainland Florida!)
On Monday since we were in the car we didn’t do a whole lot of C words. We did have Cheerios for a snack, and we ate at Chipotle while we were in Miami. We did a little counting and pointed out some circles, but nothing really planned got done.
Tuesday we started potty training, but we also made cookies and cut them out with our letter C cookie cutter. We also did our Leapfrog Sun with the letter C and used our color wonder markers to color in the Cars coloring book.
Wednesday was more coloring on the cars book and working on potty training. We also played with choo choo trains and talked about C’s.
Thursday we did more coloring. Super Dad also took Xander on a walk (albeit a short one since we were worried about the potty training) and they looked for cats and chickens and clouds. They only saw the clouds since our neighborhood chickens have disappeared.
Friday we colored with chalk outside. Xander loved it so much that we are going back our today to use the chalk some more.
It hasn’t been as in depth as previous weeks, but our week has been a lot busier.

Saying Goodbye to Diapers

We started potty training Xander on Tuesday and after four days I can honestly say it’s going much better than I had anticipated. I’m sure I’m like most parents in that I thought about potty training at some point during the day everyday for at least a month before starting. Friends have been talking about potty training their (older) kids for the last year so I’ve heard what has worked and what hasn’t. I’ve also heard what Xander needed to be capable of doing. The main capability needed according to others was pulling down his pants and then being able to pull them back up again.
After reading various methods, and lots of blog posts from my fellow mommy bloggers. I pieced together what I thought would work best for us. (In my opinion no one way is going to work for every single little boy, because every little boy is different in his own way!) We had a toddler potty, but it hasn’t really been used much. Prior to Tuesday I would casually ask if Xander wanted to sit on it a few times a week and when he said no we’d go on to other things and when he said yes I’d either put him on with his diaper on, or sometimes before bath he’d go on without pants. I didn’t want to pressure him.
Tuesday morning instead of just changing his diaper, I took off his nighttime diaper and put him in undies that we purchased in Miami on Monday. My thought process was, “The worst thing that could happen is we learn he isn’t mentally ready so we’ll go back to diapers for a few months.”
Well, I’m really glad we started when we did. Xander has completely surprised me and is having less and less accidents every day. Tuesday he probably had 30-40 accidents, maybe more! Wednesday we were down to 8 accidents. Yesterday he had 5 (one of which was our fault for not getting to the bathroom in time–he was there ready to go!) and today he only had 3 plus he went poo poo on the potty!
While I won’t say he’s completely potty trained yet, he is doing SO much better than I even expected.
Some things that are working for us are:
•giving him control. We do sometimes ask, “Do you need to go potty?” But we’ve tried to say, “Remember to listen to your body and let mommy/daddy know when you need to go potty, okay?” If your toddler is big on Signing Time like ours then you should download their free potty training app for some catchy tunes. That inspired our “listen to your body when you need to go potty” phrase.
•candy Xander had never really had candy before this week. Maybe one sucker in his whole life. So when he started getting one M&M every time he peed he soon caught on how “tasty” candy was and he wanted more. He has randomly asked for it a few times and I just tell him it’s only for when he goes potty and then I try to distract him. I’d be lying if I told you there weren’t a few meltdowns because he wanted candy and didn’t get it, but they’ve been pretty few.

•he helps clean up the mess Most of the time he’s just watching me clean it up and say “Yuck, pee pee only goes in the potty, not on the floor! Yuck!” But he does come and help me clean most of the time. Eventually I plan on having him do the cleaning himself. This just won’t happen until we’re having a LOT less accidents
•remembering this is a totally new concept. Being patient and not losing our cool is probably the most important part of this whole thing. The first day Paul asked me how many accidents were normal because we were having so many! It for sure can be frustrating but every time he finished going pee in the potty it made it so worth it. So applaud the successes, and don’t sweat the accidents. Just spray some cleaner on them and wipe them up.
And remember that just like every other milestone, it doesn’t last long!

Our Week With the Letter B

My three boys at the beach.

My three boys at the beach.

We’ve had a BUSY week with the letter B.  As a reminder, my goal with “Mommy School” isn’t for him to get an early acceptance letter from Harvard, it’s to expose him to the things he’d be doing if he was going to preschool.

On Monday we did a couple of color pages, used our LeapFrog Sun to sing the ABC’s and the Letter B song. (The letter B song goes like this, “B says buh, B says buh, Every letter makes a sound and B says buh” Xander loves it, but not as much as the ABC’s.)  We had blueberry smoothies as our snack.  We got our coloring pages from here and here.

Crying because I made him touch the jello.

Crying because I made him touch the jello.

On Tuesday we used our letter B cookie cutter to cut out Blue Jello.  He wasn’t a huge fan of touching the jello, and I had to shove it into his mouth for him to try it, but once he got over the texture he was a huge fan and had more than I had planned on allowing.  We had a few minor fits due to too much sugar, but he’s a toddler and I figure once in a while it’s okay. We also went to the beach when Dad got home from work.  Liam had his first successful beach day thanks to the baby bath tub getting put under a towel shade.  We also took him into the water and he’s just as much of a water baby as Xander ever was!  I think they remember going to the beach all the time when they were inside my belly!

During our walk we ended up at the park with the toy Boat. :)

During our walk we ended up at the park with the toy boat. :)

On Wednesday we went for a LONG walk and looked for boats, birds, and butterflies.  We took the stroller and every time we hit a bump Xander would say “Bump, bump.”  So, we talked about how bump starts with B.  We made blueberry muffins using my Budgie’s recipe and then we also watched the Billy Beaver episode of Go Diego Go Wednesday morning.

Painting with bubbles

Painting with bubbles

Thursday we did a “painting” with bubbles.  I added a few drops of food coloring to paper cups with bubble solution and let Xander blow bubbles on a piece of white paper.  It didn’t turn out as well as the Pinterest example I’d seen, but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.  And he had LOTS of fun with the bubbles so it worked.  We also baked bread to eat with our dinner that night.  Xander loves using the mixer more than any kid I know so this was a major win for him. :)

The boys sorting beans.  Liam really liked it, in case you were wondering.

The boys sorting beans. Liam really liked it, in case you were wondering.

Yesterday, Friday, we went on a bug hunt and then in the afternoon we (mostly it was me because Dad was home and I’m second-rate!) made a letter b bumblebee picture.  He did do all the glueing and a little coloring, but for the most part he left me on my own.  Silly kiddo.  Dad got in on B week and they made beans to eat with dinner last night.  It’s a tradition for the (little) boys to get all the bad beans out, so he taught Xander what makes a bad bean.

Xander on his bug hunt.  He refused to put on clothes but insisted on wearing his red shoes and his safari hat.  Crazy kiddo.

Xander on his bug hunt. He refused to put on clothes but insisted on wearing his red shoes and his safari hat. Crazy kiddo.

All in all it was a pretty successful week.  Yesterday he was playing with his toy cellphone and it showed a banana and he told Paul, “B!” This morning when I got him dressed he pointed out every B on his “Best Big Brother” shirt that one of the cousins got him.  He’s also starting to master his colors–which I completely quit pushing.


Liam got in on the bug hunt too.  He's a big fan of being outside--as long as it isn't too hot.  :)

Liam got in on the bug hunt too. He’s a big fan of being outside–as long as it isn’t too hot. :)


Proud Mama Moment

This morning I woke up with the same headache I went to bed with last night–probably due to not drinking enough water yesterday and spending lots of time outside. Anyways, I’m letting Xander watch tv while I clean up the kitchen and fold laundry and wait for the Tylenol to kick in. He’s watching a pre-recorded Dora the Explorer and they’re having to color different things that have lost their color. Well, they get to the rainbow bridge and Dora asks what color is under the red.. Xander screamed, “White!” ? (Under red on the bridge it was white!) So I asked him what color was under red on the rainbow. His answer, “LELLOW!” At the top of his lungs!
I’ve been trying to get this kid to tell me his colors for months! Maybe we just needed some Dora in our life! Haha. Either way, I’m one proud mama this morning!

Mirror Baby

Liam has officially made friends with the mirror baby! I feel a little sad for him though because he doesn’t have the HUGE mirrors that Xander had in California. What makes me feel even worse is that he’s over 13 lbs and not even three months old and his weakling momma probably won’t be holding him up to our tiny bathroom mirror very often cause it makes her arms hurt! Good thing Dad has muscles, right? Cause you can tell by the picture that he’s in love with the baby in the mirror! :)