Our week with Letter C


This week was a little different since we took a day trip to the mainland (funny saying that since but we’re closer to Cuba than we are to mainland Florida!)
On Monday since we were in the car we didn’t do a whole lot of C words. We did have Cheerios for a snack, and we ate at Chipotle while we were in Miami. We did a little counting and pointed out some circles, but nothing really planned got done.
Tuesday we started potty training, but we also made cookies and cut them out with our letter C cookie cutter. We also did our Leapfrog Sun with the letter C and used our color wonder markers to color in the Cars coloring book.
Wednesday was more coloring on the cars book and working on potty training. We also played with choo choo trains and talked about C’s.
Thursday we did more coloring. Super Dad also took Xander on a walk (albeit a short one since we were worried about the potty training) and they looked for cats and chickens and clouds. They only saw the clouds since our neighborhood chickens have disappeared.
Friday we colored with chalk outside. Xander loved it so much that we are going back our today to use the chalk some more.
It hasn’t been as in depth as previous weeks, but our week has been a lot busier.

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