Our Manatee Encounter

Tonight Super Dad took us out to eat. This was partly due to me failing to take anything out of the freezer in time and partly because we really just wanted to try something new after spending our morning at the aquarium and most of the afternoon outside in the kiddie pool. We ended up going to a restaurant named Hogfish; it’s somewhat of a hidden gem here and we’ll definitely be going back. Why am I telling you our dinner plans? Well while we were there we saw a herd of manatees!

We decided to eat outside so that Xander could look at the fish while we waited on our food, and I’m SO glad we did because as we sat down Paul saw a manatee and then I saw that there was a lot more than just one; I actually counted ten, but some kids that came outside to see them said there were eleven! It was really neat to see them swimming around and sticking their noses up out of the water. If you didn’t know, manatees are protected due to being an endangered species and its illegal to feed them or touch them, basically all you can do is look at them. They look like a cross between a sea lion and a whale, and are also called sea cows. We’ve seen one other manatee before today and the waitstaff at the restaurant said its really unusual to see so many at one time.

When we were leaving the restaurant, after watching the manatees for the majority of our meal, I realized just how blessed we are. Not very many people where I’m from get to share so many neat things with their kids, and especially at such a young age! Xander is barely two years old and he has swam in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, he has gotten to try all kinds of food (his favorite place to eat in California was a Vietnamese restaurant called Mr. Pho!), he’s gotten to see all kinds of wildlife (from the deer he hand-fed in Texas to the manatees and fish tonight–not to mention the shark we saw a few months ago and all the iguanas and other lizards we see on a daily basis!) We have truly been so blessed to get to share so much with our boys! There are days when I get more than annoyed with living on this small island, but then we have a day like today and I’m reminded that we do have SO much to be thankful for. We’re living a life that some people could only dream of, and getting to live in different parts of our country with my boys is something I truly feel blessed to be able to do even if it does mean we don’t get to be as close to family as I’d like. So here’s to counting your blessings, and looking forward to all the silver linings! I hope you have just as much to be thankful for as we do in our crazy house of boys!


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    1. tashaarmijo Post author

      Where did you do that? I think there is a place in Islamorada but its similar to Sea World from what I understand.. Maybe we’ll go there when he’s a couple years older so he has a better chance of remembering it! :)


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