Our Week With The Letter D

Disclaimer: I’ve put blogging on the back-burner the last few weeks and I’ve just been focusing on enjoying life with my boys.  The next few days I’ll be posting our Mommy School activities and then Monday I’ll post with pictures of the boys. :)

Like I always say, for us “Mommy School” isn’t about getting in to Harvard.  It is just exposing Xander to the things he’d be doing if he was in preschool.  We did a lot of drawing this week, and a few less structured activities than we’ve been doing in previous weeks.  I also took ZERO pictures this week! I know total shocker!

Here's our D is for Dolphin page for our homeade alphabet book.

Here’s our D is for Dolphin page for our homemade alphabet book.

On Monday Paul and I introduced the letter with the LeapFrog magnet set and trace card.  We also colored a couple of worksheets.  My favorite site for the weekly color sheets is this one. I like that it’s got the letter, plus five pictures that start with that particular letter.  For example this week it has a dolphin, a duck, a deer, a dog, and a drum.  There are lots of things with D but not so much with other letters so I have a feeling these color sheets will provide a little inspiration for me when it comes to other letters.

On Tuesday we watched an episode of Dora the Explorer.  Xander LOVES Dora so this was a real treat for him.  Later we pretended to be like Dora and explore–I know explore starts with E but it was nice and sunny so we I took advantage of the weather.  We drew pictures also.  This is one of Xander’s favorite activities and he’ll actually go to the closet that I keep the crayons and markers in and ask for his “colors”.  I love it!

On Wednesday we had a Dance Party and made Dots with our markers.  Dance Parties aren’t new to our house.  Pretty often I’ll turn on the music and we’ll just jam out.  Poor Xander has some pretty lame dance moves and I’ll admit that he got every single one of his moves from me.  (He thinks bouncing is dancing by the way–that’s a thanks to me constantly bouncing Liam!) Hopefully he’ll pick up some better ones from his friends soon.

Thursday we walked our dog and played with playdough and our letter D cookie cutter.  We also watched another Dora episode where there was a drum.  I offered to let him watch Diego, because I have several dolphin episodes recorded, but Dora won out.. What can I say he loves that chick.

On Friday we made our “D” page, it’s an odd looking dolphin.  Xander laughed and called it silly after I showed it to him.  He LOVES gluing the pieces down though, and actually got ahold of the Alligator page from A week and glued all over it–and had nothing to glue to it so it was a big mess.

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