Three Minutes of my Life in Pictures

My dad left yesterday after an amazing week here with us. Honestly it was the best visit we’ve ever had with my dad! I had planned on blogging about it yesterday afternoon but Xander has started throwing temper fits and Liam is a handful despite recently outgrowing colic. So maybe I can do that over the next couple of days while Paul is home from work. In the meantime, I give you the last three minutes of my life on pictures:

As you can tell, Liam is in love with Xander. Liam presses the buttons so the music plays and then just watches Xander dance. Life is good.

My sweet boy loves his brother and starts smiling as X and I are dancing like fools.

Xander got out the toy piano and started “playing music” along to the music that the bouncer plays. This scares Liam and the crying starts.. I must say that even for the screaming fit he’s still pretty cute in my eyes!
These boys definitely keep me busy!!

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