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First Foods and Funny Faces

Liam turns 6 months old next week! Time has literally flown by!! The boys in our house have been a little anxious on Liam getting to eat solids, and I finally gave in.

Let me start by saying you always see photos of kids making funny faces about the food their parents feed them. Xander was NEVER that kid. You put it in front of him and he ate it. Just like everything else, Liam is the exact opposite of his brother. Every bite of avocado brought on a different face!

Some were smiley, but most were as if to say, “Mom, why do you guys get so excited about this mush!?!”

Xander wanted to hold Liam’s hand and kept telling him, “Swallow brother! Swallow! No spit out! Yummy abacado! Yummy yummy! Swallow!”

But at the end of the day, he was just happy to play with the spoon. He’s not really in a hurry to eat big kid food yet after all! :)

Thirty Days of Thankful: A Project

We’re a crafty bunch around here lately… And we have been focusing on Thanksgiving day crafts because when else do you get excited about turkey’s–unless you’re a turkey hunter but there is none of that where we are.

Our first craft is what Xander calls his “stained glass” I traced his hand on a piece of paper and then traced the hand onto a piece of glass from a frame using puffy paint. Then after it dried he painted it. It’s a little “abstract” but I love it. And it hangs on the door in my kitchen which makes me happy.

This one is all me. I used some scrap wood and painted the feathers onto the big board, then stained it so the colors were a little muted. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but thankfully it worked. Then I just took a scrap piece of wood I’d painted brown, glued it to the big board and then painted on the turkey beak and waddle and glued the eyes on. Slapped a hanger on the back and now it’s hanging on the wall until we take down Thanksgiving to hang up Christmas stuff!!

Last but not least is another Xander and Mommy project. I stained everything and painted it when I did the other one. Then, I let him pick through the feathers and gather all the red, white, orange and yellow feathers out of the package. (There are over 500 feathers so we did this when dad was at work because it was a little messy!) Then I hot glued them in place. These are Xander’s favorites and they sit by the tv when he isn’t carrying them around saying, “Gobble gobble!”
All in all, I’m thankful my boys enjoy crafting with me–for the most part at least. :)

Thirty Days of Thankful: A Trip

I’ve been on many trips, from family vacations, choir trips, road trips, moving trips, etc.

But my favorite trip happened this year–and while I’m not always thrilled to live here, I’m beyond thankful to be here. Our cross country move was a bit insane. We spent an entire month driving across the country spending time with family that we rarely ever get to see. It was so great to see Xander playing with cousins and seeing grandparents hold him and snuggle him. Honestly seeing grandparents snuggle him was probably the best. I hate that Liam hasn’t gotten that yet–but we’re going back in about a year and he’ll be the exact age that Xander was when we made our cross country trip this year!!

Back to being thankful, getting to spend time with family is always a big deal when you’re a military family–but getting to see (almost) every single member of our family within a 30 day span–that, for us, is something to be truly thankful for!!! (Oh and the fact that we both survived the trip without killing each other is thankful worthy too!!) :)

Thirty days of thankful: Daily Indulgence

Something I do daily that I consider an indulgence? It’d have to be Pinterest. Of all the things I do online this one is purely for ME. I come up with all kinds of stuff thanks to the biggest time suck of the internet! Like the water table for Xander? It was inspired by Pinterest.I’m trying a new recipe? I bet it’s inspired by Pinterest. Half of the crafts I do with the boys? Inspired by Pinterest!

You know the weekly photos I’ve been taking of the boys since Xander was born? They were totally inspired by Pinterest! And it hasn’t just given me craft ideas, I’ve learned how to use my camera better thanks to different Pins on Photography. I’ve learned different tricks in the kitchen.. Like you can swap Greek yogurt for mayo, sour cream, and a bunch of other different things!

There are days where I come up with nothing, but then there are days that I have planned projects for the next two weeks!! I’m currently working on something that I was inspired to do by looking at Pinterest, and I’m hoping it turns out well!


Thirty Days of Thankful: Shining Moments

My whole life is my boys. There, I admitted it.
Every single one of these prompts makes me think of a way that incorporates them. But to be honest, the first thing I thought of when I read today’s prompt has nothing to do with my boys and all to do with me!

I made jelly all by myself!
You’re probably thinking, “Okay, big rip?” Well, I’ve never done it by myself before! I’ve watched my Budgie make her plum jelly a few times, but never done it myself. Now I’ll be honest, I probably made the easiest jelly known to man. (JalapeƱo Jelly!) But it is delicious as a dip with cream cheese and crackers and I’m pretty proud of it! (Plus it’s really pretty in the jars!)

I should also give credit where credit’s due and thank my husband for his green thumb–all the peppers came from his garden! Good job Super Dad! Also a big thanks goes to my Granddad for coming up with Ace Hardware being a place that would sell pectin! I thought I was going to have to order it online!! And more credit-thanks Xander for not eating the bell peppers when you brought them inside from “harvesting!” I can’t wait to find other ways to eat it–although I’m pretty sure Super Dad is already thinking several up!