Thirty Days Of Thankful

I could give several excuses for why I didn’t blog a single time in the month of October (we got sick, we had company, we got sick again, I started a work from home job, etc.) but I won’t waste your time! Instead I’m going to jump straight into a challenge by a Blogher blogger and do a twenty-eight thirty day challenge on being thankful.
Because this is a daily post challenge I might blog more than once a day–but I’m making no promises, because 1) I suck at time management lately, and 2) I never know what loop my boys are going to throw me for.
So today, a blessing.

One of my greatest blessings is that my husband loves our boys just as much as I do. Simple? Yes. But not every mom can say that, and I am thankful to realize just how blessed our little family truly is.

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