Thirty Days of Thankful: Being Strong

A time in my life when I was strong? Well if we were to ask Xander he’d tell us a handful of times today alone that I used “Muscles!” including when I used the hammer at the Home Depot Kid’s Workshop, carrying Liam around all day, and opening the pickle jar. To a two year old that’s using muscles and that means your strong.

I’m thinking the Thirty Days of Thankful writing prompt wasn’t talking about that kind of strong though. There have been several honorable mentions, surviving deployments take some serious strength, attempting and then graduating with a degree in a foreign language that you didn’t speak at the start of your college career requires some strength, but the winner for me personally is birthing my boys. Physically a watermelon sized baby coming out of your body requires all kinds of strength. But emotionally–that’s where the strength really takes over, especially since I took zero pain medicine throughout the process.

Not only did Liam’s birth require all kinds of strength I wasn’t sure I had, it has been in the back of my mind anytime I’ve needed strength since. I also, of course, have to give credit to Super Dad for his assistance throughout not only Liam’s birth (because I couldn’t have done it without him!) but also the entire pregnancy!

Getting through both of the boys’ births strengthened our marriage more than anything else in the world could have. I’ve heard people say that children either make you or break you, and ours definitely have made us into something I think we both had previously only hoped for. We’re both becoming Super Parents to the most adorable little guys in our world. And being Super Parents means we both have to be pretty strong, even if its only to open pickle jars. 😉

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