Thirty Days of Thankful: My Lifter Upper

College brought SO many amazing people into my life.  I had some awesome professors–and some not so awesome–I was part of an amazing sorority, I was able to be active on campus through my scholarship.  College was just an all around good time.  Besides being fun and learning in the class room, I also made some of my very best friends.  One of those is who wins my “Lifter Upper” hands down.  2422_1017181476944_1557_n  I had a roommate for about a week and a half before I decided I would be better off in a private room.  It couldn’t have been a better choice, because my next door neighbor also had a private room and we became the best kind of “roommates” the kind that could go to their rooms whenever we needed a break.  We almost immediately began calling each other “Neighbor!” 3303_1054083239465_1308934_n

This girl got me through a couple of horrible breakups (high school sweetheart? she got me through it, when Paul and I broke up? All her!) She also got me through a few let downs, like when I failed my OSAT, and when I missed a few phone calls while Paul was deployed.  222377_1010194502274_2327_n

But our relationship didn’t end in college.  She is always just a phone call away, and whenever I’m completely overwhelmed I know I can call her and she’ll give me some perfect advice, let me feel sorry for myself, or she’ll tell me to put on my big girl panties and quit being a baby.  She always know the exact words I need to hear, and for that I’ll always be thankful.

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